Let’s Get B’d

Alright I’ll take a shot at Thursday B lines for a week.  There were some interesting results last week so something in here to write about.


ICBING (5-2) -1 vs FC Portland (5-2): A big game right off the bat.  I had ICBING in my preseason top 2 or 3 based on having a dude with a bushel full of 300 games.  Then I found out he wasn’t playing this year so I dropped them out completely.  Well, ICBING has quietly started stringing wins together on the back of Rocky B and Fabio.  Now it looks like they are getting Peanut Gutter for the stretch run, look out.  Ram Rod has done an excellent job with the Chuckits and they have the top 2 averages in the match with Polly Metro and Oolie.  This should be a drunken slugfest, so I’ll take ICBING in any contest that involves the word ‘drunken’.  Winner very much alive for the regular season division title.  Here’s 2 Dogs and Fabio convincing Peanut Gutter to get back into BoPo .

Strike City (2-5) -7 vs Bad News Spares (0-7): The rule change keeping the 15th and 16th place B teams out of the playoffs creates some exciting new regular season drama.  Strike City is hungry to punch their ticket, and by the size of them, just plain always hungry.  They have petitioned to never play in the party pit because they don’t fit.  Best argument yet from a team.  BNS is pretty much eliminated with a loss, but right back in the hunt with a win.  They’ll need a lot out of their all-star Strike A Pose.  Ultimately the large ones win, and celebrate their highest win total ever.  Here are Strike City’s highlights from their Little League days.

Five Finger Discounts (5-2) -9 vs Pinups (3-4): The Discounts are back in the chase after crushing previously unbeaten Bowled and Beautiful last week.  Now they have a massive stylistic clash as they are the 2nd fastest team in Thursday B and the battle the 3rd slowest in the deliberate Pinups.  The Pinups have been around forever and just when you count them out they find ways to win, mostly on the back of their all-star Lil Lane Master this year.  I think FFD and their all-star Slugga will cruise, though.  Here’s Slugga with some unorthodox practice techniques.

Party Mix (5-1) -5 vs Lesbowlians (2-5): Congrats Left Beef on your all-star nod!  The Party Mix took a loss last time out but they still control their own destiny with just the one loss.  It’s a different story for the Lesbowlians.  They are struggling to get wins this year despite a middle of the pack team average.  Now they have to be careful just  to stay out of the bottom two.  A big upset here would go a long way toward that but seems like a bridge too far.  Here’s Big Party and Left Beef at Party’s Toga Party a month ago…who invited Ric?



Bowlderdash (4-3) -3 vs Happy Hands (3-3): Not much will change in the standings with these two teams as they are both pretty firmly entrenched in the middle of the pack.  Happy Hands does have a second game this week on Sunday, so percentages say they’ll split.  Boys McCracken leads the match in average and wouldn’t mind a big win before he heads off to Spain for a few weeks.  The Oft-Injured Chunk is still bringing it in his 13th season, throwing fast and straight.  Going to just call this a bowloff in the waiting, and congrats to Lil Mo Ink for her all-star appearance!  Here’s Chunk showing the younger players how it’s done.

Pinny Candy (4-3) -1 vs Granola Bowlahs (3-4-1): PC has bounced back nicley from a rough opening night.  They’re having a good time and stringing some wins together.  Granola had a hot start and is now falling back to the pack.  So will both teams maintain their trajectory or will Granola win and bring them both to .500?  I think I’m going to go with Pinny Candy because that’s what my coin toss just told me.


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