Tue B, Or Not Tue B

Record: 42-17 (71%) – Last week: 6-1 (86%)
Week 10, for those of you who have already had your bye weeks tonight marks essentially the 3/4 mark of the
regular season with three weeks to go. The three weeks left is significant because only 2-3 wins and roughly
20 points separate last place and 6 th – 7 th place. That’s right TWO WINS separates the ten teams between last
place and 7 th place.
Got my pick percentage last week back above .500, but that 3-4 record a couple of weeks back really got me
thinking. I have rarely picked upsets this season. Other than hoping Strikes would lose for some parity, the
other 13 predictions I got wrong were upsets. So, I’m shaking it up. I’ve picked four upsets tonight although, I
would argue two of the matches are upsets in the standings only.

#4 Wrecking Balls (6-2) -9 vs. #11 Whoomp (3-5)
Wrecking Balls narrowly avoided their third ‘Bowl Off’ in a row last week with their win over Burners.
They didn’t do themselves any favors posting their worst team average of the season (573). It’s almost as if
they were trying for another Bowl Off?!
Whoomp should be fresh tonight, coming off a much-needed bye week that couldn’t have come at a
better time. Whoomp needed something to try and stop their three-game losing streak. After starting the
season 3-2, Whoomp has lost their last three, only earning a combined 11 points in those matches. To make
matters worse, they posted a league season low average of 447.2 in their last game.
Fresh or not, it won’t be enough to beat Wrecking Balls tonight. Wrecking Balls may not have the best
team average, but they have the most “Top 20” B bowlers with Xander, Biscuit & Swanny. No other B team
can say that. Wrecking Balls wins easily in two tonight.
#7 Budweiser’s (4-4) -1 vs. #3 Brooklyn Hookers (6-2)
Nothing bad can be said about Hooker’s. Their entire starting four (Eggroll, LL Cool J, Peanut & Goose)
are “Top 25” B bowlers (no other team can say that) for a total game average of 692.3. I know there is a
‘starting four’ rule for A League (800) but is there a rule for B League?? Should it be 650? 13 of the 16 Tuesday
B teams don’t even come close to a 650 average for best starting lineup.
Last week Ally McBowl and Ranch Dressin led (from behind) Budweiser’s in their total dominance
victory over Splits AF. Bud’s took all 15 points for only the second shutout in our league this season.
Budweiser’s has quietly begun to rack up wins and points, improving their team average almost every week.
Only 23 pins separate these two teams. I think we have a sleeper upset waiting to happen with this
match tonight. Budweiser’s escapes with the win by 1.
#6 Bowl Trolls (5-3) -3 vs. #12 Burners (3-6)
Trolls continued rolling last week with their trouncing of Bowling Stones. On paper they should do the
same to Burners. Trolls have the advantage in average by over 55 pins, but you can’t look past Burners.
They’ve had a rollercoaster stretch here in the middle of the season, losing two, then winning two, and then
losing two again. If that pattern continues that means a win tonight, not to mention that Burners’ losses to
Hookers and Wrecking Balls were only by one point each. I think Burners will put up a good fight- but it won’t
be enough. Losing total pins every game is hard to overcome.


#10 Bowling Stones (3-5) -1 vs. #9 Ball That (3-5)
As I said last week, Ball That has been all over the place; 6 th to 12 th now 9 th . Just shows how fluid the
middle standings are in our league. A couple good weeks and you can be sitting pretty for the playoffs just a
month away. Ball That had their best night of their season last week and upset BARE 10-5. Coming into last
week on a three-game losing streak they couldn’t afford not to win.
Bowling Stones is in the midst of a bad streak of their own. Losing five out of their last six game with
the only win being against a depleted Whoomp. Their 9-4 regular season 2 nd place finish a year ago is a distant
memory. Perhaps they should change their name back to Splits? Splits or Stones, they have the (slight)
advantage in team average and their backs against the wall. And despite consecutive 3-point losses against
NED and Trolls they have been bowling better. I think Stones digs deep and wins a tight match for the second
upset tonight.


#1 Strikes on Tap (8-0) -9 vs. #15 Poultry Assoc. (2-7)
For the first time in weeks Strikes on Tap isn’t in the game of the week. Four out of Strikes’ last five
games have come against the top of our league not named #2 NED. Strikes has played #3 thru #6, all in the last
month, and it wasn’t even close! Strikes now have the gravy stretch of their schedule as they face
considerably weaker competition in Poultry tonight followed by BILF, BARE and Stones.
Poultry doesn’t have the wins to show it, but they have turned a corner and are bowling much better.
They beat Ball That two weeks ago and had their best night of their season last week, although still losing to
NED by only one point. Poultry have their bye next week- wouldn’t it be sweet to head into the bye knocking
off top Strikes on Tap? It would be sweet, but I don’t think it’s going to happen. Strikes wins easily in two.
#14 Splits AF (2-6) -5 vs. #13 Mindz in the Gutter (2-6)
These two teams have practically identical team averages and the same record. I have this as the third
upset of the night but is this really an upset? Split AF has a 555 team average but combined starting four is
595! They have really started to slide; bowling their worst for three weeks in a row (542, 523 & 513).
Mindz is coming off their bye week, but that doesn’t mean they took a week off. Mindz entire team
was practicing at the lanes before league last week – all IN UNIFORM! Talk about commitment. They don’t
have the increase in wins to show it but Mindz entire team has improved in all facets this season. The wins will
come- just not tonight. Splits AF gets out of their funk and wins the third upset of the night.
#5 Incredibowls (6-3) -3 vs. #2 N.E.D. (8-1)
Last, but not least, we have the fourth upset and Tuesday B Game of the Week! Burt the (Brick) Bandit
and crew have done everything right this season. Their only loss was Week 2 against Trolls and since then
they’ve rattled off a 7-game win streak. The second longest streak only to undefeated Strikes on Tap. In that
time they have only given up 1.5 points a game (4.6 points a night). That’s also second only to Strikes on Tap.
Too bad they won’t bowl each other in the regular season.
This is the second ‘Game of the Week’ in a row for Incredibowls who actually come into this match
with a better than 10 pin advantage in team average over NED. Incredibowls will need to bowl better than last
week if they want to pull this upset off. Last week against #1 Strikes they bowled one of their worst nights of
the season (606 avg) and Strikes throttled them 12-3. They have a chance for redemption tonight against #2

NED. It’s never easy to play #1 & #2 back to back, but I predict a bounce back for Incredibowls for the fourth
upset of the night.

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