Thursday Lines

We are still on for now.  If any teams feel like staying home, please contact me.

Hi everyone.  Very busy week here, so in a pinch I always turn to haikus as I can do them rather quickly.  For each match I will do two, telling you why each team will win.  I won’t be at my match this week, I have a work trip that surprisingly was not cancelled, so I hope you all have a blast this evening.

And I ask all of you readers to add a haiku of your own (Holden, the format is simple:  5 syllables, then 7 syllables, then 5) telling why your team will win, or why it’s the best, or whatever fun thing you wish to say about your squad.  Lets get creative in the comments and get them flowing.

Here we go:


Guacabowle (-1) v. BUI:

Wow Guacabowle

Five losses on the season?!

Not a sixth tonight


BUI is good

Don’t let Whiskey Pete fool ya

Duke T will win it


DHD (-5) v. Touch My Excitement

Lil’ Pickle was right

Her team can win the whole thing

Too strong for Excite


Don’t Sleep on Excite

Chatty has been killing it

They could pull it off


LOS (-3) v. My Balls

L O S is stacked

The best top 4 in the league?

Plus they have Stiffy


My Balls can score huge

Their average starts with 7!

Don’t sleep on these guys


TDYOB (-3) v. Leisure Rolls

Dutch is a drunk fool

Thunder, a louder version

I pick the loud guy


Bork is up and down

Tonight may be the down night

So Leisure wins it


Average Bros (-5) v. Tattoos and Titties

Soccer Dad’s Brother,

Along with Northpaw’s Brother?

No chance T & T


The Train Conductor

Express about to roll in

With a big upset


GOB (-3) v. Lion’s Den

GOB brought in Splinter

To make sure they don’t lose these

Tonight it pays off


Lion’s Den improved

Hello Mountain Man, Otis

It is winning time!


I will close with one more:

I have this to say:

Fuck You, Coronavirus

You can’t stop Bopo!



Stay safe, everyone.

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      1. It’s the Wanna-be-4th Grade Teacher in me, in my head all poems should rhyme 😉

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