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  1. I’m sure it is too early to call, but wondering about games that were cancelled last night.. are there plans for teams to get together to do a make up sesh, or is that just let’s move on kind of thing? Maybe if teams didn’t go, they don’t want to go.. but we are open to Friday night or sunday games if we can get another game in. Just throwing it out there.

  2. So true, I echo these sentiments. It was like the Oakland A’s bash brothers from the past were in town.

    Stay safe folks, I hope your loved ones and families stay well.

  3. I just want to say thanks to Hungus for not cancelling league last night, and thanks to the Bayside crew that worked. I’m sure it was a tough decision, and I’m guessing we may not get many league nights in the near future, depending on how things progress. As always, BoPo provided much needed levity and distraction, with the best people in town. But I’ve never touched so many elbows in my life. Real weird.

    1. I echo SeaTown’s sentiments. Going to league last night, given the heaviness of the reality we are in right now, was a much needed distraction. I commend Charlie and the entire staff for doing their diligence and making sure everyone was as safe as possible. BoPo is a special place, and getting away for a few hours was truly something I cherished last night.

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