Schedule Notes – No More Makeups

Hi everyone, there are a handful of currently rescheduled games. Sharks and Shake N Bake are playing their 3/22 game tonight. B.A.R.E. is postbowling tonight’s game on Sunday. Whoomp is bowling their 3/18 scores on 3/16, with Hookers bowling regularly on 3/18. After that there are no more schedule changes. If you can not fieldContinue reading “Schedule Notes – No More Makeups”

This Week in BoPo: Week 9 (and a little week 7)

I was gone for week 7, so let’s quickly give out those bowlers of the week Tuesday A: Dirty Lew, SauPo – 204/225 Mt. Rashmore, BEER – 202/241/244 Tuesday B: Malcolm, Stranger Pins – 223/188 Lil Lane Master, Stranger Pins – 175/136 Thursday A: Space Farmer, TDYOB – 190/248/208 Mama D, LOS 212/267/202 Thursday B:Continue reading “This Week in BoPo: Week 9 (and a little week 7)”