Schedule Notes – No More Makeups

Hi everyone, there are a handful of currently rescheduled games. Sharks and Shake N Bake are playing their 3/22 game tonight. B.A.R.E. is postbowling tonight’s game on Sunday. Whoomp is bowling their 3/18 scores on 3/16, with Hookers bowling regularly on 3/18. After that there are no more schedule changes. If you can not fieldContinue reading “Schedule Notes – No More Makeups”

This Week in BoPo: Week 9 (and a little week 7)

I was gone for week 7, so let’s quickly give out those bowlers of the week Tuesday A: Dirty Lew, SauPo – 204/225 Mt. Rashmore, BEER – 202/241/244 Tuesday B: Malcolm, Stranger Pins – 223/188 Lil Lane Master, Stranger Pins – 175/136 Thursday A: Space Farmer, TDYOB – 190/248/208 Mama D, LOS 212/267/202 Thursday B:Continue reading “This Week in BoPo: Week 9 (and a little week 7)”

This Week In Bopo: Week 6

Short and sweet this week. Firday featured Saucy Posse staying undefeated and knocking off the last other Tuesday A undefeated team, Pindecent Exposure. We are now down to three perfect teams in A, with LOS and the surprising Sultans also without blemish on Thursday. More generally Thursday averages are creeping upwards. In B Phil FramesContinue reading “This Week In Bopo: Week 6”