Holiday Update

So, we added another sponsor.  Anticipating bowling related injuries, Jacobs Chiropractic has signed on to sponsor Derelicte My Balls.  They do chiropractic, massage and accupuncture I think.  Bubbles swears by them.

Which brings me to money.  After the holidays, I need the Captains to round up their sponsor checks ($250 made out to BowlPortland or Charlie Mitchell).  Captains should also make sure their players have payment ready on or before Opening Night.  Oh, and for opening night, I will need Captains (or a stand in) to show up a half hour early – 7:30 – to get shirts and go over the rules and whatnot.

 Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, Sweet Solstice


(I better get one of these for Christmas)

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