New Sponsor

Awesome new sponsor – Skillful Home Recreation, or as I always referred to them, Skillful Enterprises.  All your foosball needs and more.  Go down on Saturday mornings and play pinball.  This is great news!  Welcome to the family.

 Oh, and look to the left, we have an ad!  We’re for real.  We also have a bank account – which now needs your money.  Remember, $70/player on every team but Spare Us, $90 each for you guys.  Bring it Tuesday or be shamed by bowling in civilian gear while everyone else is in sweet bowling outfits.  And let your sponsors know that if they want an ad on our page I will run it by our expert Trixie.  In four days, you will start to wonder how in the world you ever lived before being a member of BowlPortland.

 Betting lines for week 1 should be up by Monday.  For entertainment purposes only, of course.


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