Week 2 Lines

Three Livers (-1) over Saucy Posse: It’s very early, but the winner of this game has the inside track to thePacific Division crown.  Three Livers seems to be looser, as Walter fromSauPo is strung tighter than a harpsichord. Maybe D-Sauce can help him outwith a little performance enhancer.Incredibowls (-5) over Lesbowlians: The bowling is secondary here.  These were the two teams most notedfor their dancing in week one, so expect a full on Sharks v. Jetsshowdown. Pud’s Taxi (-2) over Great Lost Spares: Pud’shas more credibility now that we know they are real.  The Spares have onewildcard going for them: they are hosting postgame, and thus may play overtheir heads.   Sweet Rolls (-6) over Young and the Bowled: I’ve heard Frenchy is here in DC and may miss the game, but the SweetRolls have too many delicious weapons.  Young and the Bowled have to learnto win, still.   Pinups (-5) over Strikes of Hazzard:  Twoteams that got wake up calls in week one meet here.  My guess is Big Ern’ssquad gets the best of the crazies from Hazzard County.  Die Gassenjungen (-3.5) over Hyper-Bowl-E:  Die Gasshas the ability to intimidate, what with the flags and steins and lederhosen. Plus, I am in DC and someone I don’t know asked about “that German team”. I think Hyper-Bowl-E is too green to withstand the initialonslaught. Off Constantly (-8.5) over Derelicte My Balls: No line shifted more after last week’s game than this one.  The OCBad Boyz are out to crush the league spirit early, and DMB looks shaky. Plus, Bubbles will be distracted stepping in for Hungus.  Uhoh. Alley-Gash Rollers (-4) over Maine Yacht Club:  MYCsputtered out of the marina in week one.  Alley-Gash lost a squeaker, andlooked a little more ready for the season.  I really thought MYC woulddrink more too.  Maybe they will this week, and that will help them findtheir game. Purple Haze (-4) over Roll Another:  Anotherclassic between the MGI owner and the MGI staff.  Chup’s rollers aredefinitely stronger, but the Haze will be looking to lay the smack down onsomeone after last week. Who better than your staff? Urban Achievers (-1) over Gutterballs: J. Hammer’s All-Male Revue strut their stuff into week two.  Willthey go Full Monty?  If so, Gutterballs will be there.  That soundedweird.  Anyway, two expansion teams with  big week one wins. One of them is a week away from establishing themselves as a “team towatch” (and not for the full monty). HHP (-2) over 3 Fingered Willies: The week one shutout was a slap in the face for HHP, and while they likeslapping, they prefer it on other parts of the body.  The Three Fingeredones hope to have Big Papa K t gather them around and let them know it will allwork out if they stick together as a family.  I like HHP to rebound. Binga’s (-10) over ICBING: Binga’sis out for blood this year.  They want shutouts every week.  ICBINGgot a nice win under their belt so there is less pressure in week 2. Binga’s continues to keep pace with OC in this one. BEER (-2) over DHD:  This one comes downto absences.  BEER will be without Hungus.  DHD will be withoutleague #3 Harlyn P. Advantage, BEER. 

5 thoughts on “Week 2 Lines

  1. So you had Sweet Rolls -6 over Young and the Bowled? And YatB beat them 11 to 4? what does that say about your prognostication skillz? not very mad those skillz.


  2. What? Does your space bar work or no? Yeah, I’m using this space to trash talk your typing. . .

  3. I dedicate the soon to be Gutter Balls win in week 2 to Bush now being back in Texas. Hell Yeah!

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