Bowler of the Week: Week 7 – Tilt A Whirl, Lesbowlians

Honorable mention – Pinstigator, Great Lost Spares with a 201.

BowlPortland: Tilt-A-Whirl, congratulations on bowler of the week?  What’s more exciting…winning the award, or picking up the team win this week?

TAW: I’ll have to say both are pretty exciting.  Starting off the season our team didn’t think we would win any games….but we pulled one out.  Now that we have won one, all we can say is “the season isn’t over yet”  As for the award, I’ve seen the “bowler of the week” interviews on the website and it never even crossed my mind that I would ever get it.  Pretty exciting indeed!

BP: What’s been the secret to your huge scores lately?

TAW: I switched from PBR to Bud Light….I think that made the difference.

BP: You’ve rolled over 200 once to a dj and once to a Cher laden jukebox.  Which is better for your game?

TAW: Definitely the jukebox.  Now if the music would only start earlier maybe I could get two games over 200 in a night?  A girl can dream can’t she?

BP: Any other comments?

TAW: I would like to take this opportunity to thank my team for standing by me and believing in me even though,early in the season, I was bowling in the low 100’s.  Thanks BowlPortland, I am having a blast.  Who knew Tuesday nights in the winter would be so fun?

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