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There will be writeups soon, but I wanted to get the playoff matchups up soon so you can start building up your animosity toward your new bitter rival.

Remember, it’s one and done now.  Teams that lose next week are done, teams that win keep going.

One rule change: since nobody tried to mess with the spirit of the rule, anyone who played for your team at least once this season is eligible to play with you in the playoffs.  Noone new, however.  Also, remember for the playoffs that everyone who shows up for your team has to play at least one game, and every game your team has to play at least one guy and at least one girl.

These teams have a bye, so they can show up and have a lane and do whatever they want there, within reason.  Congrats to Binga’s for clinching the regular season title.  Jeers to Binga’s for shattering my team’s short-lived league record game of 719 with a ridiculous 798.

#1 Binga’s Ringas
#2 Urban Achievers
#3 Roll Another
#4 Derelicte My Balls
#5 Off Constantly
#6 Dirty Half Dozen

Enjoy your week, have some drinks.  Get yo rest.

Now, for the sudden-death matchups…

#7 Pinups vs. #26 Maine Yacht

#8 Alley Gash Rollers vs. #25 Three Fingered Willies
#9 Pud’s Taxi vs. #24 Lesbowlians
#10 B.E.E.R. vs. #23 I.C.B.I.N.G.
#11 Sweet Rolls vs. #22 Strikes of Hazzard
#12 Gutterballs vs. #21 Happy Hands Productions
#13 Great Lost Spares vs. Hyper-Bowl-E
#14 Young and the Bowled vs. #19 Incredibowls
#15 Saucy Posse vs. #18 Die Gassenjungen
#16 Purple Haze vs. #17 Three Livers

Thank you all for an incredible regular season.

5 thoughts on “Playoff Picture

  1. Hey Karl – on the one guy one girl thing – really? Do I have to bowl in every game, or can the 5 girls and a (really butch) guy get a waiver?

  2. “so you can start building up your animosity toward your new bitter rival.”

    thanks, Karl-y.

    and with that, the so-called “incredibowls” have no idea the pain and humiliation that will rain down on them like typhoon season in southeast asia next week.

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