Week 4 Lines

First things first.  Postgame is at Grace this week.

Also, we welcome back DJ Baby Jay for week 4.

Game of the Week:

#3 Urban Achievers (-3) vs # 7 Living On a Spare: The Achievers have faced league powers OC and DHD already, and now play one of the league upstarts. Living On A Spare needs to keep their confidence after a surprise loss last week.  Natro has the potential to carry them but has to stay loose.  Two of the top women in the league have a showdown, with super-rookie La Gatita matching up with Coco.  In my mind the difference is the Achievers seem more even keeled, battling back from a 4-1 deficit last week.  Should be a great game.

The Rest:

#2 Off Constantly (-5) vs #6 Saucy Posse: OC is on a schedule roller coaster, from Binga’s to Madbotts to another top ten squad this week.  Tron has been one of the big surprises of ‘010, but he is also on an every other week schedule and may be gone.  If so, and if league #4 Walter can at least hang close with league #1 Oz (a big if), The Posse could keep it close for a while.  The rest of the Posse hasn’t been strong enough yet this year to really scare OC, though.

#1 Binga’s (-7) vs #13 Pinups: I have it at (-7), but I still think it could be interesting.  Of course, losing 11-4 to Binga’s isn’t a bad showing for most teams.  When the Oft-Injured Chunk shows up, the Pinup have two Top 10 rollers.  Granted, Binga’s is stacked, and deep, but if they take it a bit lightly, and the Kaiser can get things going…

#9 Young and the Bowled (-2) vs #10 Gutterballs: I really like this game.  Two teams that struggled as expansion teams are opening up their second seasons on fire.  Y&B had almost a total makeover, while the Gutterballs built from within.  Both teams are trying to establish themselves as top tier squads.  There’s not room for both of them in the top 10, and one will be gone next week, while the other one will feel like a real contender.

#16 Incredibowls (-11) vs The Who?: Last week the Incredibowls ran into a country-fried buzzsaw as Uncle Jesse had the game of a lifetime to help spring the upset.  This week should be a little more predictable.  The Who? are coming off a week of rest, and I expect them to look well-rested and gorgeous, but that won’t be enough to win the game.  (Three times in row, Boston!)

#14 ICBING (-3) vs #20 TDYOB:  This is a great rivalry, but also a friendly one.  Both captains are bringing their teams together for a pregame bash (that I expect to crash) before the game.  Peanut Gutter is not ready to move over for his protege yet, and is itching to knock TDYOB out of the top 20 after they lobbied so hard to get in.  Don’t be surprised to see the Dr. huck deep to the Sheriff out of habit, but Fabio should be able to handle that.

#5 Huevos Rancheros (-10) vs Happy Hands: These bye weeks are weird.  It becomes quite easy to forget about a strong team, like the Top 5 Eggmen, when they’ve been absent.  Out of sight, out of mind.  The Happy Hands have had a rough couple of weeks after a hot start.  Not sure they’ll be able to hang with Bubbles, but they’ll have fun trying.

Bowlderdash (-3) vs Lesbowlians:  This game has the potential to be an exciting one.  Both teams have shown big improvements over their first years.  Trixy should be back from vacay, a year wiser.  Bowlderdash hoping to recapture some of their week 2 magic.  I expect it to go down to the wire.

UREA! (-1) vs Great Lost Spares: Somebody’s gotta win!  These two teams have stumbled out of the gates with only two points each, but now get a chance to put some points on the board.  UREA! has been playing with a shorter roster, and I think they will pull this out to get their first franchise victory.

#18 Wrecking Balls (-1) vs #17 Roll Another: The annual showdown between The Dude and his employee Chupacabra carries more excitement this year, as they enter the game ranked next to each other and with team averages within 4 points of each other.  Eventually The Dude’s going to have a big game, I’m guessing in game one this week.

#19 Strikes of Hazzard (-2) vs Splits Happen:  Was last week just a one time fluke?  Uncle Jesse doesn’t think so.  This is the hardest game of the week to predict.  I do know I’ve been seeing a lot of Izzy Moxy at the lanes practicing. Her hardest job may be dividing up playing time.

Three Fingered Willies (-4) vs Madbotts: This may be the best chance for the ‘Botts to grab some points.  The Willies are a much improved team, but have wild swings.  They’ve also never faced a group with the distracting power of these women.

Sweet Rolls (-3) vs Three Livers:  I don’t really feel good about this pick, but the Sweet Rolls have certainly looked good so far.  Three Livers may be turning the corner after a slow start.  HANK!

Last Week: 7-6

Season: 29-10

2 thoughts on “Week 4 Lines

  1. If I hucked to the sheriff I can gaurantee you that Fabio would not be able to stop it……he can’t cover the Sheriff, nobody can, see the DVD……..

    Roll TDYOB!

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