Lane Assignments and News

Tonight the league’s Top 2 women are battling, so it seemed appropriate to post the following link.

Kelly Kulick becomes first woman to win PBA Tour title – ESPN

Oh yes it’s ladies night, oh what a night!

Team pages are being updated.  Every team has one now, and I will work to get new photos up.  Send me any photos you want on your team page to

Also, I am changing my prediction in one game.  I now like the Gutterballs (-2) over Young and the Bowled on news that Pistol Pete is in jail for a firearms violation.

Lane 1: Three Livers    Lane 2: Sweet Rolls

Lane 3: Binga’s Ringas   Lane 4: Pinups

Lane 5: Bowlderdash  Lane 6: Lesbowlians

Lane 7: Splits Happen   Lane 8: Strikes of Hazzard

Lane 9: Gutterballs   Lane 10: Young and the Bowled

Lane 11: Saucy Posse   Lane 12: Off Constantly

Lane 13: Living on a Spare  Lane 14: Urban Achievers

Lane 15: Madbotts  Lane 16: Three Fingered Willies

Lane 17: The Who?  Lane 18: Incredibowls

Lane 19: UREA!  Lane 20:  Great Lost Spares

Lane 21:  TDYOB   Lane 22:  ICBING

Lane 23: Happy Hands Prod  Lane 24: Huevos Rancheros

Lane 25: Roll Another  Lane 26:  Wrecking Balls

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