So, strong postgame showing, league.  So strong that writing recaps may be a little hampered, or delayed, or not happen.  Anyway, below are the scores.

Before that is a link to donate $5 to Clean Elections to support my mom, Libby Mitchell, in her race for Governor.  She is strongly pro-bowling.  Please help out if you can spare a fiver.

Clean Elections

At the bottom of the page, click the “Make a qualifying contribution to a candidate” button, follow through the pages and click on Elizabeth Mitchell at the end.  Thanks again.

Week 4 Scores

The 200+ Rollers:

La Gatita, Urban Achievers 223; Jamaican Jerk, Binga’s 214, 206; Buffalo Booth, Binga’s 208; Xander Rolle, Splits Happen 201

Binga’s 14 Pinups 1

Three Livers 8 Sweet Rolls 7

Roll Another 8 Wrecking Balls 7

Huevos Rancheros 12 Happy Hands Prod 3

UREA! 11 Great Lost Spares 4

Three Fingered Willies 12.5 Madbotts 2.5

Urban Achievers 12 Livin On a Spare 3

Off Constantly 10 Saucy Posse 5


Bowlderdash 11 Lesbowlians 4

Incredibowls 15 The Who? 0

Young and the Bowled 10 Gutterballs 5

Strikes of Hazzard 14 Splits Happen 1

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