BoPo IV – Welcome Home

Hey all…turns out I didn’t have the time to writeup all the draft league action, but it was a thrill ride.  Danny Diesel, Buffalo Booth, Number One and Bishop of Bowl played 6 great games with no subs to take the title.  Expect those names to be in the mix for the BoPo title, too.  Bishop was the mot clutch performer of the playoffs, twice sealing games in the 10th frame, and she is back with defending Champion Team BEER.  Booth and Diesel have left the wreckage of the old Binga’s dynasty to join up with Natro, Coco and La Gatita to form the league’s first “superteam”.  And Number One’s Off Constantly squad is always a contender, particularly with Oz rolling like he’s on a mission.

There are more teams than that, though.  Forty teams total in fact, to celebrate the 4th year.  There will be a lot more info coming soon.  We will have a captain’s meeting, discuss shirts and costs, distribute schedules, analyze teams, mock each other.

We are splitting into two nights of play, Tuesdays and Thursdays.  Stay tuned, fools…

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    1. Top 20 list? If you were wanting to see a writeup on YOUR squad, you’d better ask for the Top 30 or 35.

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