We’ve Met and Gret

Woah, boys and girls.  Gettin a little testy on the ol’ smack board and we’re still four weeks from gameday.  Nice to see all the old faces at the meet and greet tonight, and so many changes.  DHD is no longer – former captain of the year Riggs has become obsessed with a fish, and is now Ahab, turning Harlyn P into Father Mapple and changing the team to White Whale.  Great Lost Spares, looking to build off having most of their members in the draft league, have become Goldilocks and the Five Spares.  Living On A Spare is now Still Living On A Spare.  We’ve added some mothereffin Snakes On A Lane.  Binga’s still has the Jerk and Chernobyl and Hot Mango.  Bowlderdash is a model of consistency.  The Who? have split into two.  Wut What and Oolie are now the centerpieces of Irritable Bowl Syndrome.  How do you say that in German?  Huevos, who used to be Derelicte My Balls, are now just My Balls.  As Bubbles pointed out, My Balls always rock the afterparty.  Good stuff…

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