Thursday Lines

So, a bit of weather out there.  BoPo never cancels, but if your team can’t make it tonight please let me know.  I will not charge you a forfeit loss.  All the lines are pretty flexible given that certain teams may be bowling without some of their key bowlers.

Early Games

#14 Happy Hands (6-1) -5 vs Guacabowle (2-5):  Happy Hands is an interesting story.  They got some lucky matchup breaks, but as their record has kept getting better, they’ve gotten confidence and bowled better.  Now they’re on the verge of 7-1 and getting better.  Guacabowle won’t be an easy beat, but they have their work cut out for them against the confident Hands.

Balls of Fury (1-6) -3 vs Goldilocks (1-6):  This is the final chance for either of these teams to bust out of the bottom 6.  Should be a bare-knuckled brawl for survival, except really polite because the teams are nice.

Snakes on a Lane (3-4) -1 vs Wrecking Balls (5-2):  How the Wreck is 5-2 is a grand mystery.  Maybe their experience.  They’ve definitely overachieved, but another win here would give them a shot at a nice playoff seed.  Snakes are more desperate.  They need one to get to .500.

#16 BUI (5-2) -7 vs Lesbowlians (2-5):  Lesbowlians have been playing better of late, but BUI has been putting up better scores all year.  This would be a signature win for the Lesbowlians, but BUI needs it too much to let it slip away.

Late Games

#13 TDYOB (6-2) -1 vs #15 Sweet Rolls (5-2): Game of the night, on paper anyway.  There is a huge logjam of 2-loss Thursday teams, so both of these guys are looking to bust out of it.  Sweet Rolls are coming off a big win over GOB.  TDYOB coming off a loss with half their roster absent.  High bowl-off potential, and watching the Dr. in a bowl-off would be entertaining stuff.

#17 UREA! (5-2) -5 vs 5 O’Clocks (2-5):  On paper should be a blowout, but the 5 O’s often make surprise runs. No one knows who’s coming to the party for UREA!, but if they are fully staffed, should get to 6-2.

#3 Yay (8-0) -5 vs #10 ICBING (6-2):  Another contender for game of the night, since ICBING has won 6 straight and Yay! is undefeated, but I haven’t totally bought in to ICBING fever.  Fabio and Peanut Gutter need career nights.  Yay! has little to play for, but they certainly like keeping their record perfect.

#18 Tequila Mockingbirds (4-3) -5 vs Lovernauts (1-6):  The birds are flying high, and could run the table.  The Lovernauts had that one big win, but haven’t been doing much on the lanes since.  They still dominate the approach, though.

#8 Guns of Brighton (6-2) -3 vs Roll Another (3-4):  Probably a bad break for Roll Another to catch GOB coming off a loss and hungry.  GOB needs to right their ship, and probably will.





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  1. We are 100% in, weather does not stop us. Looking forward to determining whose rolls are sweeter.

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