Showdown Tuesday

Three games matching top-10 opponents. #1 Back in Black vs #2 Walkaways is the big one and while early looks like a possible finals preview.  Then there is a juicy undercard of #3 Binga’s vs #9 Off Constantly with three titles between them, Binga’s coming in confident after a win over B.E.E.R. and OC with their backs against the wall.  Finally for top-ten excitement,  #4 B.E.E.R. vs #6 Cunning Linguists in a chance for the Linguists to really change the pecking order and B.E.E.R. to shake a recent slump of having lost two out of four.

The Back in Black – Walkaways game is early, the other two are late, should make for good watching.  More in The Lines early next week.

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