The Lines

Let’s get right to it….

Early Games

#1 Back in Black (7-1) -1 vs #2 Walkaways (7-1):  This should be an excellent game.  The Walkaways have already been in a 1v2 and lost in a tiebreaker. Then Back in Black demolished a then #1 BEER team.  Stevie Strikes is bowling at a different level than the rest of the league, putting up 240s and 260s regularly in the Doubles league.  Can he translate that to BoPo?  If so it’s pretty much a guaranteed three points.  Walkaways depth means they will be grabbing all three bottom points, leaving 9 points in play.  Bama has stepped up lately, so let’s give him two of three.  The Walkaways don’t fit into roles, so anyone could be their #1, or their #4.  Let’s say that depth gets them 2 out of 3 against a struggling Gutterboy.  I give Back in Black the edge, winning more overalls due to Stevie Strikes putting up a couple monster games.

#3 Binga’s (7-2) -3 vs #9 Off Constantly (5-4):  Binga’s is riding high, but has to avoid getting too cocky.  OC may be down, but they have two banners on the wall and will take advantage of being overlooked.  Luckily for Binga’s, Jerk won’t allow that – not in this classic matchup.  These teams have three of the four titles, and while Binga’s is relatively new-look, the Jerk is still there.  General Tso has improved on his rookie of the year campaign, and can be counted on for at least one huge game.  Cookie is quietly having his best season ever, and Chernobes is doing her job.  Oz is going to have to recapture his old mojo, and Tron needs to be on to keep this one close.

Three Livers (2-6) -1 vs My Balls (3-5):  This game is also huge, for different reasons.  A Three Livers loss locks them into the April Fools shootout.  My Balls can pretty much clinch a normal playoff spot with a win, but with a loss are tied with 3L and are down a tiebreaker.  The winners of the April Fools’s shootout have much tougher playoff foes than those who avoid it altogether.  Also, good matchup of sub 4 month olds.

#18 Saucy Posse (4-4) -5 vs Splits Happen (2-7):  SauPo has had a week off to figure things out.  They are at a crossroads in their season.  Walter needs to take the reins again and start putting up some numbers – adjust, Walter!  Splits are looking to play spoiler and maybe get a little momentum heading in to the April Fools Shootout.

#16 Hazzard (4-4) -9 vs Pinups (2-6):  Hazzard has fallen on tough times after an impressive start to the season.  They haven’t been consistent,. but they do have some marquee wins.  The Pinups need to draw a line in the sand and pull a big upset of their own to save their season.


Late Games

#19 Nutz (3-5) -7 vs Bowlderdash (1-7):  Bowlderdash broke through in a big way last week, getting their first win in convincing fashion. This week they play a red-hot Nutz crew that has  has won three straight and has their eyes set on much more.  I think the Nutz resurgamnce continues.

#4 B.E.E.R. (7-2) -3 vs #6 Cunning Linguists (6-2):  This one should be interesting.  The Linguists were formed around the core of last year’s Shambles.  Now Shambles cap Slow Roll is back with BEER.  The Linguists have an advantage tonight of only having their top 4 bowlers, which allows them to get in rhythm.  Everyone is impressed by rhythmic Cunning Linguists.  B.E.E.R. need the win to rebound from last week’s tough loss and stay in contention for the top seed – a loss here drops them behind the linguists to 5th place.

#20 Turkey Club (3-5) -3 vs No Eye Deer (4-4):  These teams have combined to lose seven of their last eight.  Someone will get a much needed W.  Turkey Club has just completed a brutal run of schedule, and now just have to get their confidence back.  No Eye Deer needs to get back to finding crazy ways to win.  Bowl-off, anyone?

D-GUTS (4-4) -1 vs #17 Pinny Candy (5-3):  This line has certainly moved over the last few weeks.  Pinny Candy was undefeated and bouncing around in the top 10, while D-GUTS looked lost, like Cap’n Collection had steered them straight into the iceberg.  Now he has thrown together a few good games and his team has responded in-kind, while Pinny Candy has dropped three straight.

Y&B (2-6) -3 vs I.B.S. (3-5): Grudge match!  Lou Dawg will be sorely tempted to lace up and throw on the green hot pants for this one against Oolie, Wut What Tangerine and the Ram Bros. Y&B is coming together lately, with The Truth regaining form and Pistol Pete unveiling the right hand.  Plus Senator ITZ has been averaging around a 180 for the last three weeks.  They are going to be a very dangerous low-seed in the BoPo tourney.



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