Week 1 Draft League Power Rankings:

1. Dick’s Pick’s Vol. 2: (1-0): Not even close.  They won 15-0 and 14-1, and shattered a league record with an 843. Romo and Ralphie!

2. Lane’s Addiction (1-0): Playing for keeps early, strategy got them an 8-7 win.

3. Shake N Bake (0-1): One point loss, but 2nd best average in league, and top bowler in the Dentist.

4. The Minors (1-0): Will be near the top of the standings all year.

5. 2 Legit 2 Split(1-0): 4th best average even with an off night from the Cap.

6. The Deez Knees (1-0): They played way below average and still snuck out a victory.

7. Ringwalds (0-1): One point loss without their top pick.

8. Wilfork Your Face Off (0-1): 629 averages aren’t what they used to be.

9. Flying Buttresses (1-0): Took advantage of an undermanned opponent for a big W.

10. Supah Deep (0-1): At this point in the ranking have to dig for positives.  At least they averaged 600.

11. Oooh, That’s A Bingo (0-1): And these guys got a point in game three, more than Supah Deep.

12. Valley Girls (0-1): Totally grody week one.

13. Slackers (0-1): Help wanted.

One thought on “Week 1 Draft League Power Rankings:

  1. Shake and Bake ranked waaaaay too high, just looking to hang out and have some fun, we will probably lose all our games.

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