Fox 23 Undefeated in 2012; PPH Has New Ringer

Fox continues it’s wild run.  They won last year’s Media League, then they rolled over the competition en route to a Spring Business league undefeated season and championship, and they are 2-0 now.  That said, they looked vulnerable without Spidey, and Phoenix will be kicking itself for letting the opportunity slip away.  Of course he’ll be back.  PPH fell 8-7 to WGME #1, but did bring in C-SPAN, who posted a 214 average.  Not too shabby.  WJAB got back on track with an 11-4 win over I’m Ron Burgundy?, but Danks looks lost.  Finally, Media Mix kept hold on 1st place with a 14-1 walloping of WCSH.

On the Business side, Shinberg knocked off VIA 9-6 without their Captain.  Good scores all around in that one.  Drummond Woodsum also moved to 2-0 by edging Marina Sales 9-6.  Horny Toad got what I think is their first career win, holding off PMA 9-6.  Maine Health rebounded in a big way with a 13-2 cruise over PDT.

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