Draft League Week 2

So the short writeups of Media/Biz League ruffled a few primadonna feathers.  Pretty entertaining.  Ralphie, you’ll get plenty of pub this year, don’t worry.  UPDATE 3:24 PM: RALPHIE JUST ROLLED 194-212, LOOK OUT.

Early Games

Roll Models f.k.a. 2 Legit 2 Split (1-0)  -1  vs The Breakfast Club (0-1) : I’ll just keep making up names for you until I get one Pauly Ringwald.  Tonight the Club hopes to welcome back #1 pick Precious.  Last week they lost by one without him.  He should show up for the tall-off vs Double Cheese.  Big Red Hooker will bounce back tonight.

Dick’s Pick’s Vol. 2 (2-0) – 5 vs The Deez’ Knees (1-0): The Picks may clinch a playoff spot by week three.  They had a night for the record books last week taking 29 of 30 possible points.  The Knees struggled, but won, and no way Jerk rolls like that again so they could keep it interesting.  Ralphie, Romo.

The Stonecutters Guild (1-0) -5 vs Oooh, That’s A Bingo (0-1): E-Minor, see my comment above to Pauly.  Still your team looks really good.  The Bingo crew just has to hope they hold off the point-less ones to stay out of the basement.

Late Games

The Deez Knees (1-0) -5 vs The Flying Buttresses (1-0):  The Knees should be able to recover from an early round loss with an evening win in their doubleheader night.  The FB’s pulled out a win last week but it was over a three person Slackers squad.

Wilfork Your Face Off (0-1) -3 vs The Valley Girls (0-1): You’ll have to ask Hot Sauce what this name means.  Whatever it is they look to get into the win column tonight behind Walter.  The Valley Girls have been putting up some nice practice scores, but need it to translate to game night.

Lanes Addiction (1-0) -5 vs Super Deep/Gray IS For Swingers/Tastes Like Missouri/Liquid Tears/Rooftoppers/Mental Turkey (0-1): Slow Roll’s team is compensating for lack of points with an abundance of names.  They look like big underdogs against a McQueen led team with a 660+ average, but Hungus is guaranteeing they will not get shutout again.

Shake N Bake (0-1) -9 vs Slackers (0-1): Shake N Bake will even their record to go along with their sweet average and league leader, The Dentist.  It’s looking like it might be a long season for the Slackers, but they should have a full squad with the recent signing of Peanut as a free agent.





7 thoughts on “Draft League Week 2

  1. What does this guy do when he isn’t on the board talking to himself?

    Hopefully someone will shut him up.

    1. Mainly exposes himself to 8 y/o’s, rocks out to Hoobastank, drinks wine coolers, and contemplates how best to sabotage his otherwise solid team, mainly. Probably would be creeping on chicks on christianmingle.com if it weren’t for the fact that he’s married.

      1. I’ve been pretty resolute in this regard, if I am posting it says Dr. Thunder. Anything else not me, probably Natro, Coco, Shithawk, Stiffy, Cheddar, Filthy, Hungus, or Double Cheese. If you want to find me I’ll be in the pocket, it’s kind of my thing.

        Roll S&B!

  2. Hey now. Settle down Jesus. Jesus has no affiliation with S&B, we got a Luka, a Coco, a Space Farmer, a Dentist and a Natro, but no, nope, no Jesus. We respect all our opponents. We are just trying to break into the win column at some point this season, if it doesn’t happen no problem because we are just looking to hang out, have a few drinks, a few laughs, if we happen to win a few games along the way, so be it.

    We most certainly won’t be f%^king anyone in the a$$ tonight, well not at the lanes anyway, whatever anyone chooses to do, or not do on their own free time is their own business.

    Roll S&B!

  3. What’s this free agent shit? What’s this bullshit? Shake and Bake don’t fuckin’ care! It don’t matter to Shake and Bake. But you’re not foolin’ me, man. You might fool the fucks (Hungus) in the league office, but you don’t fool Shake and Bake. This bush league psyche-out stuff. Laughable, man – ha ha! I would have fucked you in the ass last Tuesday. I fuck you in the ass this Tuesday instead. Wooo! You got a date Tuesday, baby!

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