1 (1). Dick’s Picks Vol. 2 (2-1): Yes they lost a close one, but their average is just shy of 700.

2. (4). Bowling on Bath Salts (2-0): Now they have a name, still don’t have a loss.  Giving BoPo a glimpse of next year’s darkhorse, Balls of Fury with E-Minor and Hot Pocket.

3. (3) Shake ‘n Bake (1-1): Schedule makes me think they’re about to roll off a long winning streak

4. (6) Deez Knees (2-1): Split their doubleheader, but picked up a big win over the #1 team and Jerk is back

5. (9) Flying Buttresses (2-0): I’m not convinced, but they are one of only two undefeated teams left, so for now, #5

6. (5) Roll Models (1-1): The start of a pack of teams hard to tell apart

7. (8) Wilfork Your Face Off (1-1): See above.  Hot Sauce stepping up as a Captain.

8. (2) Lanes Addiction (1-1): Sure they lost but they were missing Tron and Pistol Pete

9. (7) Split For Brains (1-1): In The Bunch

10. (10) Supah Deep (1-1): Caught a break in getting an undermanned Lane’s team.  But hey, got a win!

11. (12) Hebros (0-2): Best average of the 0-2 teams

12. (11) Ooh, That’s A Bingo (0-2): They got three bowlers rolling, need someone else to step up

13. (13) Slackers (0-2): Got 13 on lockdown, son!

7 thoughts on “Rankings

    1. Good point Tango, also I am 100% down with marriage equality. So man love is all good in my book if that is what you are into.

      1. I too am down with marriage equality, but it pains me to have to tell you I’m holding out for The Dentist, he’s just that much better at bowling, and I’m superficial like that.

      2. Dude if I swung that way you’d be at the bottom of my list regardless of bowling prowess. I’m partial to Brad Pitt if you must know, well back in the day Brad Pitt……

  1. Still waiting for the inevitable Dr. Thunder post about how S&B is ranked way too high and how they’re just looking to have fun and drink beer or whatever it is he says, constantly. C’mon Thunder! It’s not like you’ve overused it yet, and no one is tired of hearing it yet, let’s have it.

    1. Agree with Tango. We are ranked waaaaaaay too high. S&B is just looking to hang out, have a few laughs, drink a few beers, if we happen to win a couple along the way so be it. I doubt we will even make the playoffs, and if we do we are still on the fence if we are show or not. The team is planning a trip to Six Flags and the night of the 1st round of the playoffs is the date we are looking at.

      Roll S&B!

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