Week 3 Lines

Two weeks in, and only two undefeated teams left…

Early Games

Roll Models (1-1) -3 vs Flying Buttresses (2-0): And I think one of the undefeated teams goes down early.  Busta and The Cheese should push against T-$ and Gutterboy, but I think Roll Models have a little more depth.  Peanut Gutter could prove me wrong.

Shake ‘n Bake (1-1) -7 vs Hebros (0-2): The Bakers are killing it.  Not many teams can keep up with them.  The Jess/McStriker combo will need to combine for at least a couple 200’s to make this one close.

Supah Deep (1-1) -3 vs Slackers (0-2): A battle at the bottom with the two lowest averages clashing and burning.  Supah Deep wondering why Probie isn’t blowing up like all the other Yay rollers – maybe he’ll be motivated knowing Yay offered his BoPo services via trade in exchange for a single Moosehead.

Lane’s Addiction (1-1) -1 vs Split For Brains (1-1): A full Lane’s squad is pretty tough to beat, but Tron and Pistol are unpredictable attenders.  Split For Brains has a brutal doubleheader.

Late Games

Bowling on Bath Salts (2-0) -1 vs Dees’ Kneez (2-1): This is the game of the night.  Bath Salts is cruising with big numbers from upstart Hot Pocket.  The Kneez are solid all around  – Jerk got back on track last week, now if Diesel joins him…

Ooh, That’s A Bingo (0-2) -1 vs Wilfork Your Face Off (1-1): Upset special! The OC boys have always had the number of SauPo and LOS bowlers which make up the majority of Wilfork.  They also need a win more badly.

Dick’s Picks Vol. 2 (2-1) -3 vs Split For Brains (1-1): Dick’s came back to earth a bit from their 29-1 opening night with a tight loss, but they still have a dominant team average.  Split For Brains will have to hope they are extra warmed up from playing an early game.






13 thoughts on “Week 3 Lines

  1. F the tour, you can’t even drink beer in your bowling shirt, no joke. What’s the point of that? Hurts my head to even think of such a preposterous notion. This may be one of the few areas we agree on. It’s basically my goal to get looser than a Kardashian in a Hilton Inn, and not fall down on the lanes. I struggle to remain upright sometimes, as has been documented on numerous occasions, but getting loose is my forte. Moosehead. Forever.

    1. Clearly I’m still feeling the effects of last night as I posted the above in the wrong location. Train wreck.

  2. S&B is favored by 7? WTF? Natro and Dentist must have some sore backs having to carry Thunder’s weight on their backs on a weekly basis. I’ll bring some Aleve, you guys must be running low…

    1. You must not be able to read, just sayin’, and no I am not betting you on how this will end, but for right now looks like you’d be getting carried on this squad too, keep looking up!

      20 Dr. Thunder Shake ‘n Bake 4 176.8 1
      21 Walter Wilfork Y.F.O. 4 176.3 1
      22 Roadhouse Paulies 4 176.3 0
      23 Tango Diesels 6 175.8 0

      1. “and no I am not betting you on how this will end” Dude, need I say more? This guy doesn’t even have confidence in himself! And he’s a captain?!? What a joke!

      2. Wango you seem to be hung up on this captain thing, it’s not like you need to pass a test to be a captain dude, they just grabbed anyone they could, even you could do it, I mean here are the captain’s current standings, as you can see the Dr. is holding his own compared to his captain peers:
        6 Dick Liquor Dick’s Picks 7 194.1 2
        14 McQueen Lane’s Addiction 5 180.2 2
        18 Hot Sauce Wilfork Y.F.O. 5 177.8 1
        19 Polly Ringwald Paulies 5 176.8 1
        20 Dr. Thunder Shake ‘n Bake 4 176.8 1
        26 Nuber Ooh, Bingo 4 173.3 1
        31 Diesel Diesels 6 169.2 1
        39 Valley Girl Hebros 4 158.3 0
        40 E-Minor Minors 4 155.5 0
        46 Invisible Hand Slackers 5 148.8 0
        53 Slow Roll Supah Deep 4 141.0 0
        70 Big Red Roll Models 4 127.3 0
        77 T-Square Buttress 3 96.3 0

      3. I’m not hung up on anything man. I was merely commenting on how a captain, aka the leader of a team, isn’t even confident in his ability to end the season with a higher average than a 25 year old with the drinking habits of a Vietnam Vet with PTSD.

        Stop posting stats on the smack board, no one cares that you got lucky and bowled a 213, we all know where you’ll finish. Wango, that’s cute.

      4. Yeah we do, in the 170s and I can live with that. Dude we’ve been bowling for about the same amount of time, started winter 2010 in Bowl Portland at Yankee Lanes, never picked up a bowl before that, like you I’m not looking to go on tour here, looking to get loose and knock down some pins.

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