Game Time

We’re now officially in the second half of the season, BoPo 2013 is on the horizon.  Time to make your playoff runs, bottom dwellers.

Early Games

Flying Buttresses (4-2) -3 vs Hebros (2-3): The Buttresses have been solid all year, and look like a contender.  The Hebros have been up and down, but are coming off a bad loss fueled by Jewdy heckling his BoPo teammate Probie all the way to Probie’s game clinching 215.  Valley Girl needs him to focus on the lanes, as Gutterboy, T-Square, Knuckles and T-$ also aren’t likely to be rattled by taunting.

Split For Brains (3-3) -5 vs Ooh, That’s A Bingo (3-3): I made a math error, and Ooh That’s a Bingo doesn’t actually have a 572 average.  They actually have a 628 average.  Unfortunately for them, that’s still 38 pins lower than their opponent tonight.  Precious is bowling as well as anyone and could take his turn atop the rankings if Bombpop slips at all.  Pauly will try to keep rolling 257s so he doesn’t get lost in the (very tall) shadows.

Deez Knees (3-3) -1 vs Lane’s Addiction (2-3): All the Deez games are tight and this one should be too.  Lane’s is 2-0 with Papa Tron and he should be there tonight.  However, it is a winning week for the up and down Knees, and I think they slide by again.  Diesel is due for a huge night.

Bowling on Bath Salts (4-1) -5 vs Slackers (1-4): On paper it’s a blowout, with Bath Salts carrying a nearly 70 pin advantage in average.  The Slackers do have the league’s current #1 in Bombpop, however, and are in much more need of a win.  This would be a heroic feat of Captaining for Hawse Pipe if he can rally his crew to the upset.

Late Games

Roll Models (3-2) -5 vs Slackers (1-4): Tough doubleheader for the Slackers.  They pretty much need a split to stay alive in the playoff chase.  Roll Models will show no mercy, so Slackers will have to earn it.  Maybe SeaTwon will stay in the 170’s.  Hide your moms.

Dick’s Picks Vol. 2 (5-1) -3 vs Wilfork Y.F.O. (2-3):  Dick’s has really separated itself from the pack and looks to extend their lead even further.  They’re just too deep right now, and you know at least two people per game will be around or above 200.  Wilforkers are a solid team and won’t back down, but will need a monster night from their Saucy Duo to keep up.  Shit(insert bird name) quietly having a very strong season.

Shake N Bake (1-4) -3 vs Supah Deep Swingin’ Rooftoppers (2-3): While there isn’t a clear cut game of the night featuring top teams, we do have a clear Toilet Bowl featuring teams with a combined three wins.  Shake N Bake still has the edge on paper given their 30+ pin better average.  Supah Deep got a much needed win last week after wondering if they’d ever see the win column again.  Only guarantee in this game is it will probably take 3 to 3 1/2 hours.



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