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We have a new leader in average, as Precious sat out and moved up.  Oz jumped up to number two and with an amazing 714 series Bama shot all the way up to 4th.  We have now had four different leaders in 6 weeks (Yao Romo, Natro, Bombpop and Precious).

1. (1) Dick’s Pick’s Vol. II (6-1): Playing at a different level than everyone else right now.  Averaging almost 700.

2. (2) Bowling on Bath Salts (5-1): Look locked in to the 2nd spot, only loss to Dick’s.

3. (3) Roll Models (4-2): These guys round out the top three, which are starting to separate themselves from the bottom 10.

4. (6) Deez Knees (4-3): This is the spot in the rankings where it gets close.  Deez Knees gets the three spot despite their penchant for close games because they handed Dick’s what will likely be their only loss.

5. (8) Ooh, That’s A Bingo (4-3): Were winning ugly, but put it all together for a blowout victory over Split.

6. (4) Flying Buttresses (4-3): Had an off night and ran into a Hebros team rolling rocks.  Still, they have a winning record.

7. (12) Hebros (3-3): No idea where to rank these guys.  They’ve been as high as 5 and as low as 12.  Last night’s 690 average and 14-1 win moves them back up.

8. (5) Split For Brains (3-4): Sounding lie a broken record, but they really struggle without Precious.

9. (9) Shake N Bake (2-4): Can’t move up too much for beating Supah Deep, but got a much needed win.

10. (7) Wilfork Your Face Off (2-4): Bowled ok but got beatdown by Dick’s Picks, like most teams have so far.

11. (10) Supah Deep (2-4): Getting to the play-ins may be a stretch, but they do have the head-to-head win over Lane’s Addiction.

12. (11) Lane’s Addiction (2-4): Let one slip away after building a 5-0 lead.

13. (13) Slackers (1-6): That was a tough doubleheader.

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