Lemon Lines

Please, someone, anyone, tie!  Six weeks in and no roll-offs.

Early Games

Dick’s Picks Vol. II (6-1) -5 vs Shake ‘N Bake (2-4): The Bakes got back on the winning track with a win over the lowly Supah Deep, but now face the top dogs.  Dick is enjoying sitting back as the 3rd average on his team while Romo and Bama deliver, and now Redonk is bowler of the week.  These guys are loaded, and should cruise in the Clubber Lang showdown.

Roll Models (4-2) -1 vs Ooh, That’s A Bingo (4-3): Maybe the game of the night.  Bingo put it all together last week, but are still looking up at a very good Mod’ squad.  Oz and Deputy are starting to heat up, so this one will be close.

Bowling on Bath Salts (5-1) -3 vs Split For Brains (3-4): The Bath Salts aren’t setting the world on fire but they keep winning.  They have a challenging doubleheader tonight, but hard to pick against them.  They hope league #1 Precious misses this game too.

Deez Knees (4-3) -5 vs Supah Deep (2-4): The Knees keep pulling out close ones, but on paper this one is a cakewalk.  They have a much better average, and Hungus has a fractured bone in his hand.  That said, they have played down to or up to whoever they’ve played, so maybe it will be another nailbiter.

Late Games

Wilfork Y.F.O. (2-4) -3 vs Slackers (1-6): Big opportunity for Wilfork to solidify their postseason hopes.  The Slackers have one last chance, but losing to Wilfork would push them into spoiler mode for the rest of the season.

Hebros (3-3) -1 vs Bowling on Bath Salts (5-1): The Hebros bounced back last week with a huge win.  They will be extra motivated to beat Bath Salts, and Bath Salts will be a little tired in the second half of their doubleheader.

Lane’s Addiction (2-4) -1 vs Flying Buttresses (4-3): Upset alert?  Lane’s let a win get away last week, and I think they’ll rebound from it rather than stew on it.  The Buttresses are still solid, and look like a lock for a top 6 spot.



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