BoPo 2013 Info – Take 2

Ok, so here’s the real scoop.

Season starts Jan 8th for Tuesday teams, Jan 10th for Thursday teams.  Both nights will have DJ’s this year!

All teams make the playoffs.  The top six in each division get a bye to the second round.

Each team has three crossover games against teams from the other night.  Some teams will never play on the opposite night, some will play on the opposite night as many as three times.  Total regular season is 12 games.

Finals and Bowling Ball are 4/20.

3 thoughts on “BoPo 2013 Info – Take 2

  1. We get a DJ this year????

    Man, I am really going to miss The Jerks of Grass. They really fired me up to roll huge!

    I’d love to see what Tuesday averages would have been, if they had to suffer through our weekly playlist.

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