New Top Dog

Bama is on fire, and had surged into the lead with two weeks to go.  He is the 5th average leader.  Looks like the battle for top dog is down to 5.

Also, congrats to Bombpop (Slackers) on a hard fought bowl off win over Pauly Ringwald 211-201.  Good show, and at least Bombpop won one thing last night.

4 thoughts on “New Top Dog

    1. Hey fool, until you grow a set and post under your name, you will always be a vagina behind a veil. And nice use of wiki, you remind me if an interwebs wizard, keeper of all knowledge, keep it up doucheberry.

  1. Bama has the form of a bowling shot that leaves wakes of awe behind. Your absolutely killing bro. You should offer up lessons to a few select in the league. You dont need to drop 15 lbs of composite material made to resemble rock on sweet, delicate timber. You just dont. Caress that bitch in the pocket, rant over

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