These Lines…

We’re getting down to it now.  Some jostling for position at the top.  Some scrambling for life at the bottom.

Dick’s picks Vol. II (8-1) -7 vs Flying Buttresses (4-5): If the Buttrii have T-$ back, maybe they can battle for a while, but most likely the only drama in this game should be seeing if Bama maintains or extends his league lead in average. Dick’s clinches top seed with a win. The Buttresses clinch at least a play-in game with a win.

Shake N Bake (2-6) -1 vs Wilfork Your Face Off (3-5): A battle at the bottom.  Bake could be officially eliminated with a loss and a couple other games going against them.  Should be a fun one with the added element of desperation.

Deez Knees (4-5) -3 vs Slackers (3-6): The Slackers kept their season alive last week with a clutch roll-0ff win by Bombpop.  Now they could go as far as passing Deez in the standings, or fall back in desperation mode for the final week.  The Knees have been scuffling, but a win here gets them to the postseason, so I think they Deez seize the opportunity.

Split For Brains (4-5) -5 vs Supah Deep (3-5): The Brains get Precious back, and not a moment too soon.  He should pace them to a win here to clinch a playoff spot.  Supah Deep lost one in the last frame last week, and now need to find a win in their final three games.  This one doesn’t look like the one.

Late Games

Bowling on Bath Salts (7-2) -3 vs Supah Deep (3-5): A tough double for the Deep.  Bath Salts still in the running for top seed, but worst case they can wrap up 2nd with a win.  They are 1-0 since Tso’s gruesome injury.  The Deep has five people for their doubleheader, so arms may be dragging.

Roll Models (5-3) -1 vs Lane’s Addiction (3-5):  All the lower tier teams are cheering for Roll Models.  Lane’s is trying to bust out of the muck.  I’ve got to put my pick on the Cheese, though should be a nice showdown with McQueen.

Hebros (4-5) -1 vs Ooh, That’s A Bingo (6-3): Hebros gave Dick’s all they could handle but like almost everyone else eventually fell.  Bingo may be shorthanded, but they’ve already clinched a playoff spot.  I think Hebros goes after it a little harder tonight since they need it more.



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