BoPo 2013 Season Preview: Teams 20-16

#20 Pinny Candy (3rd Season); Captain – Jaw Breaker; Division – Thursday A

Last year PC shocked the league by getting off to a 5-0 start.  Then they fell back to the pack when they hit the meat of their schedule.  They weren’t as good as 5-0, but they were better than most had imagined.  They are mostly made up of Democratic State Senators, and since in that capacity they must be feeling good about themselves, it could reflect itself as well in a confidence on the lanes.  They like the move to Thursday.

#19 Irritable Bowl Syndrome (5th Season); Captain – Wut What; Division Thursday A

One of a number of new teams in the Thursday A division should help make that group very interesting.  I.B.S. seems to have settled on this name for awhile after their shorter stint as Die Gassenjungen (a team that produced two other BoPo captains).  Oolie is their most notable name, but he has taken a hands off approach to bowling the last couple seasons.  The vibe of Thursday A should suit this squad better, though it does pit Oolie against his old nemesis Dr. Thunder for a regular season match.  Wut What keeps the team on that even keel, and the rest of the roster is a bit hard to figure.  Not sure if the Ram Bros. are back at it.  Killer B as a regular weapon would make them much stronger, and last year they got three games out of a player named Lord Fader who ended up with their 2nd highest average.  Maybe he’s back.  Whoever rounds out the squad they will be waving plungers and chanting “Poop, there it is”.

#18 Young & The Bowled (5th Season); Captain – Pistol Pete or Seantor ITZ; Division – Thursday A

Speaking of State Senators and moves to Thursday, Y&B is back and in the top 20.  They are going to have their third captain in 5 seasons as Lou Dawg has stepped away from coaching.  They are coming off the greatest upset in BoPo playoff history with their takedown of #2 seed B.E.E.R. in the first round last year. They look to be without the Truth this year, leaving Pistol, Senator and Lucky as the most notable names.  They are in prime position to pick up solid free agents as they may be the only team with an open roster spot or two.

#17 Snakes On A Lane (2nd Season); Captain – Rosie; Division – Thursday A

Snakes have the competitive drive to make some noise this year.  Anyone who didn’t recognize the name Dr. Honniker on the high score board this week, well, he plays for these guys.  Rosie is a solid roller and a Captain who is not afraid to make bold moves to improve her squad, so I expect to see a few new names.  With other players like Zack Morris and Nitro (not Natro) this team posts a lot of mid-level scores, and can compete with the top teams if they make any mistakes.  They are an ace short of competing for the Thursday A crown, but would not be a fun team to draw in the playoffs for anyone.

#16 Sweet Rolls (5th Season); Captain – Frenchy; Division – Thursday A

Speaking of teams that no one wants to see in the playoffs.  The Sweet Rolls are that team you forget about and then see a score one week where they’ve knocked off another top team.  Hot Tamale led them and finished 7th in the league last year in average.  Frenchy and Swiss Cake give him solid running mates.  This team has a strong history of winning, but hasn’t broken through with a signature moment yet, losing to heavyweights Binga’s, B.E.E.R. and Off Constantly in the playoff the last three years.  They aren’t intimidated by matchups with those kinds of names, and they hope this year ends with a win over one of them.


Teams 15-11 tomorrow…

No lanes available tonight from 5:30-10, just a heads up.

15 thoughts on “BoPo 2013 Season Preview: Teams 20-16

  1. Hey everyone, usually roll at Yankee (bowl on resturant league at here). Anyone looking for more teamates let me know!

    1. I can vouch for the Nurple, he’s a hell of a good guy, solid bowler, and great addition to anyones roster. He’ll mesh well is what I’m getting at.

    2. I can attest to Purple Nurple’s skillz. He helped murder us tonight, with a 170-something and a 199. I could be wrong about the scores, I’m trying to get as drunk as I can to forget this night. But he’s a righteous dude nonetheless

      1. No sir, legit. If we had room on the team I’d be pushing to scoop him up on the Strikes.

      2. Bayside has a handicapped league on Monday nights.


    1. Hey Buzz, turn that frown upside down!

      I’ve been drilling away dilligently here at Yankee Lanes this offseason. I’m thinking a 135 avg isn’t out of the question in 2013.

      Always plenty of lanes here available at Yankee Lanes. Looks like Friday night is wide open over here. So clear out the spank bank and crank up the Hobastank!


      1. For the love of God! – why would anyone bowl at Yankee Lanes? They oil their lanes with a fire hose, there is no slide on their approach and their food is crap. And if I wanted to get that oily – it sure as hell would not involved bowling.

        While I am sadden to hear there is no room for beer frame bowling tonight – there is also tomorrow and the next day… and the next.

        What can I say.. I am a Bayside Bowl snob, I like my drinks delivered by a great staff, I love the people and the lanes.

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