Thursday All-Stars:

Mr. Pickles-GOB, E-Minor-Cape; Yao Romo-Yay!; Pistol Pete-Y&B; Hot Pocket – Cape; Dr. Thunder – TDYOB; Snapshot – BUI; Jewdy – YAY; Probie – YAY; Bowltron 3030 – GOB

Ralphie – YAY; Mona Laudley – YAY; Rufio! – Lovernauts; Tilt-A-Whirl – Lesbowlians; Sea Town – GOB; Hexy – BUI; Hootie – GOB (Skittles – Pinny Candy can not attend)

VOTE ELIGIBLE: (MEN) The Package – Roll Another; Almond Joy – Pinny Candy, Michael Bowlton – Bowlderdash, Sparetime – Guacabowle (WOMEN) Frenchie – Sweet Rolls; Sasha Northfield – Happy Hands; Fern – Clockwork Oranges


Tuesday All-Stars

Jamaican Jerk – Binga’s; Karl Hungus – BEER; Double Cheese – LOS; Bama – Back In Black; Natro – BEER; Deputy – Hazzard; Stevie Strikes – Back in Black; Gutterboy – Back in Black; Tango – XXX Club; Filthy McNasty – BEER (Precious can’t attend)

La Gatita – Linguists; Valley Gurl – Danarchy; McStriker – Danarchy; Knuckles – UREA; Miz Tizdale – Hazzard; Slow Roll – BEER; Chernobylayne – Binga’s (Gutterboy’s Mom can’t attend)

VOTE ELIGIBLE: (Men) Number One, OC; Walter, Saucy Posse; Oz, OC; Bustah, Nutz (Women) Peanut, Nutz; Beaujolais, Pinups; Honey Bunny, OC

11 thoughts on “All-Stars

  1. Count me out for this “All Star game”

    If I want to watch All Stars, I’d go to a Tuesday match with any team rolling…

  2. Although I am fully aware I wouldn’t have made it on Tuesday, I roll on Thursday, and quite like a Brooklyn strike I accept this nomination with open arms.

    I don’t care what your averages say, you are going down Tuesday!!!!!!

    ROLL THURSDAY!!!!!!!

    Dr. Thunder TDYOB

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