Sort Of Lines

Bad time management on my part, but no time for lines.  Going to be a wild night with a 90 person IDEXX Halloween party going on with their own DJ on the stage (plenty of dancing if you’re into that), a world series game, and 8 more BoPoDraft games.


In-N-Out (3-2) -1 vs Touch Me Ralphie (3-3): McQueen and Hungus vs E-Minor looks like oh so many beer frame Fridays, and E-Minor usually buys.  Maybe for old times sake Booth can celebrate the victory before the game starts.

Tsonami (3-3) -1 vs Blurred Lanes (3-2): Blurred Lanes had an easy opportunity to get me my first bowloff off the season but let the Wet Bandits take all 5 in game three to lose 8.5-6.5.  Therefore, Tsos by one.

Alis (2-3) -3 vs Dick’s Picks (4-2): Fun Monday.  Double Cheese had an 11 strike 267 and wrapped up early feeling pretty good about his shot at free bowling.  I talked Precious into a ‘walkoff game’ where he proceeded to roll a 279 11-strike game.  Sorry Cheese, and sorry any team that has to play him right now.

Bustas (2-3) -3 vs G-Boys (1-5): Last week’s bowler of the moment has his team on the verge of .500, while the G-Boys will need a miracle to reach the playoffs.  Dude Jt should come off suspension in a week or two but the team will need to win a couple without him.


Eskimo Sistas (1-4) -1 vs Shatner Face (2-3): These two teams haven’t really had any signature moments yet.  No monster games, no big surprises, no crazy escapades.  They could both get on the map with a bowloff!

Lazercats (4-2) -3 vs Clam Hands Mafia (1-5): Despite the records the CHM have almost a 20 pin higher team average.  No matter, they can’t seem to pull off wins.  The Lazercats are finding their groove.

Wet Bandits (5-1) -3 vs Preemptive Strikes (3-2): The Bandits are going to lock up a playoff spot soon.  The Strikes will be stuck in the middle with about 8 other teams at .500 after this one.

Imminent Threats (3-3) -1 vs SODA (3-2): Good battle here, Jerk vs an old Binga’s protege in Deez.  Jon Moon is the real story, shooting up the rankings to 14.  Deez will need a big night from the boys of Yay!


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