Last Week To Become an All-Star

Hey congrats Alder division on the 6-4 win in crossover week.  Hanover gets a shot at revenge next Tuesday in the all-star game.  (Top 12 guys, 8 girls from each division, 6 game minimum). In the meantime I each Alder team is getting a free pitcher of Moosehead this week as promised.  In other new there is a new Rooftop Sessions up, covering draft league and bro-hugs and BoPo rumors.  Check it out.

Game of the Week

Early: Turd Burglars (4-1) -1 vs Full Beaver Contact (4-0):  The Beavs needed a last ball miss from Southpaw to remain unbeaten, but 4-0 in Draft League is pretty impressive any way you slice it.  They’ll battle for Alder Division supremacy with McStriker’s hot Turd Burglar crew.  I had the TBs as my preseason number 1 and I’m sticking to it.  Hard to list a better 1 game lineup in the league than McStriker, Railroad, Diesel and Filthy, and the other two (Rowengartner and LaShooz) have been excellent.

Early Games

Mamma Mia (1-4) -1 vs Spidey (3-2): Maybe I’m overreating, but Viking’s 750 series last week gives me some hope in the Pizzeria.  They rode a short lineup and a record performance to their first win, and with Viking and Seatown at the top of the order (plus a slice of desperation) they can keep rolling.  Spidey’s team will be fine in the long run, but I think they are catching a team that’s about to get hot.

Slow Roasted (1-3) -1 vs Casual Encounters (3-1): Ok, this is a homer pick, but Slow Roasted is desperate and getting new uniforms for this one.  Squampch’s crew have been killing it with the 5th best average in the league. Their top dog Sparkles had an amazing run (4th) at MIST this weekend, and Twinkle Toes may be the most improved bowler in the league with a  171 average and 2 200’s in 9 tries.  Money would be pouring in on Casual if this line were live.

Six Strings (3-2) -1 vs Defilers (4-1): I just now see I’ve picked the team with the worse record in every early game.  I guess Draft League generally reverts to even – historically few teams have great or terrible records when the season ends.  The Defilers caught a lucky break with no Precious last week when Farmer rolled a bonus ball 2 with the game on the line.  The Strings fell too but Duke is still killing it.  This one has great bowl off potential.

Late Games

Swett Band (2-3) -3 vs AMHIR (0-4): Ouch, AMHIR.  A chance for their first win, they benched Cheddar for game 3 and still were right there with Farmer needing a last ball strike to win, 9 to tie.  Then….a 2.  That may be as close as they get.  Swett Band let a 7-3 lead against Bangzone slip through their fingers so they experienced disappointment last week too, but they’ll bounce back behind Crackerjack.

Bowling Stones (2-2) -1 vs RTR (2-2): It’s early but this one has big playoff implications.  The Stones are suddenly 2-2 after they lost a close one with their ace on the bench.  RTR bounced back in a big way, especially Automatic after a couple tough weeks.  I don’t know what to make of this one, but Tso and Jerk should be able to power through.

Wolverines (5-0) -5 vs F-Use (0-5): Uh oh, 0-5 vs 5-0? Roadhouse finally lost his grip on top dawg (by a hair) but is still killing pins.  I don’t see things changing in this mismatch, but it sure would be exciting to see Oz go apeshit and lead his team to the upset.

BangZone (3-2) -3 vs BeanPole (0-5): Going to be tough for the Beanpoles to get up for this one.  Happy Feet will try to bring the energy but BangZone will dominate the energy category.  BangZone is coming off a thrilling comeback and looking to build some playoff momentum. I think they will.

Dick’s Picks (2-2) -1 vs Minor Threat (2-2): This is arguably the best match of the night, the teams have the same record and pretty much the same average.  Bama just took over the top dawg lead and will try to hold off Hungus to be Alder captain for the all-star game.  Minor Threat is win-one, lose-one, and are now due for a loss.  Nuber gets his last game in as a single man.


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