Hanover Rules

Nice win in the All-Star game, Hanover.  Viking and Knuckles took it down in the bowl off.  Tonight it’s all Hanover games early, all Alder games late, and Hanover finally starts seeing some bye weeks.

Early Games

Bang Zone (4-2) -3 vs Bayside Hookers (3-2): The Hookers have division top woman Knuckles, and T-$ made an all-star appearance, but Bang Zone has been winning even while Gutterboi had some off nights (by his standards) and that usually does’t last long.  He’ll go off tonight and BangZone keeps winning.

Lincoln Logs (2-3) -5 vs Beanpole (0-6): The Beans are just looking to play spoiler now, and handing the Logs a 4th loss would be pretty damaging to their playoff hopes.  The Logs won’t let it happen, and they get their record to .500 tonight.

Mamma Mia (2-4) -3 vs F-Use (0-6): Both teams were 0-4 but Viking has rallied the Pizzeria to 2 straight with some monster games (including a 750 series and a 240 to win the all-star bowl off).  F-Use will struggle to answer that and Mamma Mia get a third straight win.

Spidey (3-3) -1 vs Defilers (4-2): Not sure how I came up with this one.  I guess I’m thinking Spidey is WAY overdue for a big night, and early games suit his team, and Precious schedule is impossible to predict…

Late Games

Swett Band (3-3) -3 vs Slow Roasted (1-4): New BEER member Brandy has a chance to crush her future teammates’ playoff hopes with a  win tonight.  Karl battles a much improved The Dude, too.  Good story lines, but the Roast will have to have to bowl better to make it a close game.

Minor Threat (3-2) -3 vs AMHIR (0-5): I’d like to see the winless teams rise up tonight, but I’m picking against all of them.  Minor Threat has a solid team and should cruise, though they haven’t yet won two games in a row.  Cheddar needs to just go apeshit on the lanes and Farmer needs to turn his season around, then maybe they’ve got a shot at it.

Full Beaver Contact (5-0) -1 vs Bowling Stones (2-3): The Beav is halfway through the season unblemished.  Tango is having a breakout season, and Nugget is in the mix for top woman.  The Stones have lost a couple straight and look to get things straightened out now but have a pretty tough opponent.  I like the Beaver to stay perfect.

Turd Burglars (4-2) -1 vs Rolling Thunder Review (3-2): This should be an excellent matchup.  Automatic bound ed back from his slump and helped get his team win.  The Burglars are looking like a title contender, and their all-star crew of Diesel and LaShooz had the best record on Tuesday.  Hoping for a bowl off.

Casual Encounters (4-1) -3 vs Dick’s Picks (2-3): The Encounters rallied nicely last week with Sparkles averaging 220 and Twinkle Toes also over 200 (including a 239 game).  Both their women (Stayfree and Bora) were all-stars, and Squampch himself is bowling well.  They look like a top team.  Dick’s has current average leader Bama and that’s a lot, but they may not have the depth to hang with the Encounters.


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