Team Previews 3 & 4: Leisure Rolls and Saucy Posse

Saucy Posse – Tuesday A: Captain – Walter

The original drinking team with a bowling problem; the Posse is a family first kind of team.

The core of the Saucy Posse includes five members of the internationally renowned (so what if it’s just Canada) Saucier family,  Walter (Team Captain), Hot Sauce, Uncle PoPo, N-Sauce, and Kathy Nash. T-Bear has been our go-to woman for the last few years since the Saucier women can’t seem to stop having babies during the bowling season (wtf). According to the rumor mill she may be changing her name to T-Bear Sauce in the near future so the Posse may be scouting another female member soon as she would no doubt join the “baby machine” ranks of the others before her.

Beef Stroganoff was a great addition to the Posse and is practically part of the family.  His lefty throw and righty beer pounding make him a natural fit for the team. He’s a pretty good bowler too and much cooler than his family member in the league** cough cough e-motional.

The Saucy Posse has adopted two new members to the family this year which we are all very excited about, Master Splinter and Nutt Sauce. If you follow the pod cast or bopo skinny you know who these two are and if you don’t know them now, you will very soon… I will say the addition of these two players takes the Posse’s game to an entirely different level so watch out BOPO!

The Posse is one of the original and most prestigious of all the BOPO teams and proud recipients of Team of the Year ‘09, Golden Liver ‘10, Looking Good ’13, Most Improved ’14 and Tip Hero ‘14. The one thing that eludes the Posse is the banner on the wall. Is this our year? some say yes, most say no. I (Walter) say I don’t care I’m just here to party and drink Jameson.


Leisure Rolls – Thursday A: Captain – Magic

The Leisure Rolls known to a few drolls as the  leisure trolls as we have been trolling the lanes of Bayside since they opened their doors 5 1/2 years ago. We started and continue as a Wednesday night Cascobay Sports league team. Our Wednesday team of Tangueray and Tab followed BoPo over from Yankee Lanes to Bayside and after showing up every week of the year and winning a few titles (which is currently up to 9) for Cascobay Wednesdayleague the BoPo captains were gracious enough to vote us into BoPo two years ago.  Since joining the League we have had moderate success with winning Thursday A division and reaching the finals in year 1 and having 3 members reach the 2v2 finals in year two. We look forward in trying to top the success of our first two years.

Our squad is going Seven strong this year with 5 original members of Captain Insanal, the top shanty of the team, Shooter McGill, taking Shots and throwing strikes, Sloppiness, known to a lucky few as Tampon Santa, Gatch, slinging drinks everywhere you go, and Magic. New to the squad are Hard Knox, who broke down a gate to get into BoPo, and LaShooz, who’s energizing the team to  a new level.

We are all about drinking some beers, taking some shots, having fun, and rolling some leisure strikes. If you see any of us on lanes feel free to come say hi and join us for a game or six.

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