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This is the scene this morning as I walk (bowling name tbd) through the process of writing lines.  Gotta learn, pal.Photo on 3-1-16 at 9.21 AM

Man…website, podcast, now twitter, its an online revolution!  Stay young BoPo

No BIB, no Turkey Club, no Yahtzee tonight.  Oh, and there are about 4 men spots and 5 women spots left for BoPro-Am Classic.  You will kick yourself for missing it. Lucky train lottery again this week.  Four folks will get put into a drawing for a BoPro-Am spot that will be picked on this Sunday’s podcast.

Game of the Night


Hazzard (0-7) -3 vs Ball That (0-7):  There were no obvious choices for game of the night so lets look to the bottom of the standings for a meaningful game.  Both squads are still looking for a win, and someone has to get it here.  Hazzard has managed to go 0-7 despite having two all-stars.  Ball That has gone the more traditional route of losing all 7 fielding no all-stars (though Samsquampch was briefly in).  Both of these teams have punched their ticket to the Sunday Shootout already so this is more just about getting a taste of victory.  One squad will be drinking heartily tonight in celebration.

Early Game

N.E.D. (7-0) – 9 vs Wrecking Balls (2-5): You can tell NED’s feeling pretty good about this one since they haven’t even bothered trash talking.  They should be feeling good.  They are getting 200s from everywhere and have crushed two potential challengers to the B title.  Their makeup game with the Budweisers may be the last test on the schedule if they don’t get complacent.  The Wrecking Balls occasionally put a scare in top teams for a game, but it would be their biggest surprise ever if they pulled this off.

Splits Happen (5-3) -3 vs My Balls (4-3): These teams are within a half a point in average, and a half game in the standings.  Barring a miracle though they are both heading to the Shootout.  This game is more about pride, and both teams have plenty of that.  My Balls mostly needs to work on getting 11 games for a 2nd woman so they qualify for the playoffs.  Splits is looking to get back in the win column and keep showing off their Tinderella.

Incredibowls (5-2) -5 vs Pinups (1-6):  How will Incredibowls respond after losing their big showdown loss to NED?  The Pinups have started to look a little feisty, coming closer each week.  Manson keeps just-missing the 200 column so maybe this is the night.  I think it may be surprisingly close for a while before Incredibowls pulls away.

BILF (5-2) -3 vs ICBING (4-3):  This could have been game of the night.  BILF has been coming on strong this year and are still in the hunt for a top 2 spot in B which would get them out of the Sunday Shootout.  ICBING every once in a while decides they want to win a game, and for some reason this seems like it may be one of those times.  Fabio has started to look like his old self and if Peanut Gutter has a big game they could win here.  I’ll make sure to put them on a wall.

BEER (4-3) -1 vs S.O.D. (4-3): This should be a great matchup.  S.O.D. is involved in a lot of blowouts.  They are coming off a 13-2 and a 14-1 win, but have also had a 14-1 loss.  That’s the polar opposite of BEER which has three 8-7 losses (two by a single pin) and an 8-7 win.  I think BEER’s close-match trend is more likely to win out over the blowout trend of SOD.  Valley Gurl and McStriker have really led the SOD, and BEER will need the best from QB and Brandy to keep close there.  The BEER dudes, however, have a pretty solid average advantage over the SOD dudes.  We’ll see how a rusty Hungus impacts things, but I think BEER has enough pieces to eek one out.

TH: Leisure Rolls (3-4) -1 vs BUI (4-3):  Oh yeah, I forgot these guys, but it may be one of the best games of the night.  G-Unit is coming off post of the week and is bringing BUI into the upper echelons of smack talkers.  He’s also bowling well.  Leisure Rolls were picked on the podcast to go on a run now, and I could see that happening.  Magic just needs to get going again, Captain Insanal and Shooter have been doing all the heavy lifting so far.  When I start thinking about it it actually does seem like a BUI win, but in the past Leisure Rolls always won when it didn’t make any sense for them to win.  Everything old is new again.

Late Games

Sharks and Strikes (4-3) -1 vs Off Constantly (2-5):  I was actually leaning OC in this one but Sharks won me over with their ‘old’ jokes all over Twitter.  Maybe I’m just too impressionable to this new media stuff.  OC is a two time champ but, like BEER and Bingas, those banners in the first section of the wall are getting further and further away.  I don’t really have any idea what will happen here but let’s just say Railroad rolls a 680, passes out in the bathroom and White Russian picks up a split in the 10th for the deciding point.

Budweisers (5-1) -3 vs Whoomp (1-6):  The Buds had a huge win last week beating a strong Splits Happen squad 8-7 and overcoming their late game issues.  It kept them very much in the running for a B title, but they can’t afford any slip ups.  They should be able to get by Whoomp here and keep working on their late game skills.

Binga’s (3-4) -1 vs Saucy Posse (7-0): I’m not sure I even agree with myself anymore but I did call this on the podcast so I have to stick to it.  SauPo looked absolutley dominant in their win over BIB last week.  When Walter is back in the 240’s these guys are unstoppable.  Master Splinter should be in town too.  I guess the only possible way I can pick against them is on the theory that they have a little letdown after getting so pumped for BIB.  With Binga’s they know they’re going into a party and maybe their focus slips a bit.  Binga’s wants this one a lot and will play lots of subtle head games.  SauPo is the only top 5 team that can keep up with Binga’s at full party mode and still bowl well.  This would be a really fun game to be a part of.


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  1. I had a $20 bet that the title of the lines would be Super Tuesday. You’re killin me Hungus.

  2. BUI and Leisure Rolls grace you with their presence on this fine Tuesday evening. They bring you a slice of Thursday heaven that the denizens of Tuesday can only begin to appreciate and cannot begin to duplicate. YET, the game is not mentioned? Surely an injustice that cannot stand!

    1. Yo I thought Dungus the Baptizer made it clear a couple of weeks ago not to use other people’s handles!?!!?!?!?!!?!?!?!?

      1. Thunder, I know it’s easier with athletic shorts but please don’t touch my handle.

      2. You claiming ownership over the “We the People of Thursday” moniker would be like Marx and Engels copyrighting their writings. Please note that I am not equating your body of “literature” as visionary or influential, just that its an ironic dick move.

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