Ermagerrrd, berrrrling!

Twitter is blowing up.  I’m trying to learn how it works, and I can’t say I have time to get on it daily, but giving it a quick check before write-ups is pretty fun.  Spare of the Dog, TDYOB, YB2, BUI, Leisure Rolls, Lions Den all bringing Thursday smack to a new venue, let me know if I’m missing anyone.

Game of the Week (early)

Lovernauts (4-3) -1 vs DHD (7-0):  The Lovernauts were the early favorite to win Thursday B, but despite a solid average struggled out of the gate.  They won last week and now look to shake things up in the division as they face the leaders.  DHD has been the surprise squad of the year and are one of only 4 undefeateds left in the league, the only one in B.  Hark Attack has been a beast, but both he and Stephen Kingpin will need to be at the top of their game to keep their impressive streak alive.  Word to the wise, he tries to bowl a strike during your pregame cheer, so make your cheer staccato and anti-rhythmic.

Early Games

#1 L.O.S. (8-0) -9 vs Spare of the Dog (5-1):  Mona’s back from the tropics ready to zika the Towers, Dog twitter is attacking LOS’ height (meaning it must be authored by Jewdy or Probie), and the whole Spare of the Dog team has been making a great push for Team of the Year, Looking Good Award and more…but, even at 5-1 it’s really hard to see them staying close in this one.  Precious is chasing Top Dawg, and the rest of his team keeps putting up huge scores.  These guys won’t be losing before April, if at all.  It would take an upset as big as Wrecking Balls over NED.

B&B (2-5) -3 vs Guns of Brighton (1-6): The Sunday Shootout positioning round.  Hey GOB, I saw Mr. Pickles at the lanes on Tuesday…it’s not too late to squeeze in 11 games, just saying.  B&B still has Viking (for now).  They need to make the most of it as these could be the franchise’s glory days.  Well, they did have an awesome playoff upset so they’ve had their moments.

Pinny Candy (5-3) -1 vs Bowlderdash (1-6):  We need to do a rooftop sessions with guests from these two teams, as we don’t know too much about them, or maybe at least they can start talking smack or something.  Pinny Candy is getting it done even without any one bowler having a particularly strong average, they get decent scores week to week from a different person each time.  Bowlderdash has some more familiar names like Michale Bowlton and Fried Bologna, but have been in a rut of close losses.  I’m guessing this is another one.

Roll Another (6-1) -1 vs Lesbowlians (4-3): The Lesbowlians are hitting a bit of a midseason slump.  They were off to a nice 4-1 start but after 2 losses in a row they need to get a win in this one to keep alive hopes of a top 2 finish.  Roll Another has quietly (everything they do is quiet) put together a great start, and a win here has them very much in the hunt for the inaugural B Title match.  Then people will know them!

Late Games

Guacabowle (3-3) -5 vs Tattoos and Titties (1-6): Oh boy, this will be a lovefest. Guacabowle pretty much loves everyone, and so does T&T, but this one will turn the dial up to 11.  Rubbys and Cilantro in the same match?  Don’t go near these lanes tonight if you have boundaries.  Rubby’s did keep the Bayside Bowl Restaurant League team undefeated Sunday with a clutch 200 in an 8-7 win.  Guacabowle is looking to run the table in the 2nd half of the season, and I think they get this one pretty handily.

Y&B2 (7-1) -9 vs UREA! (3-5): Crackerjack and Glossy Mexican say they are ‘live steaming’ on Periscope tonight.  I liked the typo a lot.  I don’t know, however, if that means they are missing the game so they are watching their team get ‘live steamed’ or they are putting it out there for their fans to watch.  I’m assuming the latter, and wish them luck getting viewers.  Automatic and T-$ need to stop the bleeding for UREA!.  J-Bird has big nights now and then, she and Cro Magnon need to go off as well to stay in this one, but an upset seems extremely unlikely.

I Hope is read for this. CrackerJack and Glossy are taking it to the next level tonight and Live Steaming leauge

Lion’s Den (6-1) -1 vs Happy Hands (4-4):  This will be intriguing.  The Lion’s Den are working hard to maintain their #1 party ranking, but they also want a shot at the B title.  They are tweeting, smacking, basically any social media they can get access to.  Happy Hands is a veteran team unlikely to be rattled by ca-cawing and drumming.  They will keep their eyes on the prize and an upset in this one seems very possible.

Fuckin Chuckits (5-2) -7 vs Granola Bowlahs (0-7):  Granola has rebounded extremely well from their forfeit with some high energy, name changes, and perfect attendance.  They now face a new dilemma, getting some of their members playoff eligible…remember guys players need 11 games to be able to participate in the Sunday Shootout/playoffs.  FC has been bolwing pretty poorly but racking up wins.  Ugly wins are still wins, and their non-bowling performance has been exemplary.  These guys are pushing Lion’s Den and ICBING hard for party team.

Bad News Spares (1-6) -3 vs Pud’s Taxi (0-7): Pud’s has been making Master Splinter’s techniques look questionable since their scores have dropped in the two weeks post-lesson.  Perhaps it’s just the natural adjustment period, and things will soon all come together.  The Spares got 15 points from the Granola forfeit, but are now slightly favored to get a traditional win.  I don’t keep these records, but this may be the first time in franchise history they’ve been favored (I’d have to check the old Madbotts lines).

TDYOB (3-4) -1 vs Cunning Linguists (3-5): Maybe Roy Munson does listen to the podcast.  Maybe getting blown up every week by his captain and told he was getting cut finally lit the fire under him Thunder had hoped for.  Whatever it was, he exploded last week with 3 200’s and has looked solid in practice this week too.  He’ll have his opportunities with Farmer in Australia.  Not sure if TDYOB is bringing in Honniker or not, but if not they have experience with the 4 person roster as it almost worked for them vs LOS.  The Linguists have defending league MVP La Gatita as their rock, and Gutterslut has started picking up a few big games again.  They will need Col. Angus to break out if they want to get the win tonight.  High five!





18 thoughts on “Ermagerrrd, berrrrling!

  1. Yo Shithawk welcome to the 200 club bro. As a 6 time
    member this far wanted to extend my congraulations. Ya fucking douche.

    Roll Bork!!!

  2. hahaha: “Don’t go near these lanes tonight if you have boundaries.” Love the lovefest!!

  3. I think that this new crossover week, with A Teams playing B Teams, is really great for BoPo… Fear of My Hog, LOS has decided to take it easy on you tonight. Shithawk will roll all three games, Precious will drink 2 beers and Mr. Stiffy will lube up before putting it in your mascot.

    1. Stick to Shithawking instead of shit talking bro. And definitely let Mr. Clean do the bowling next time…

  4. I did the same Typo again on Facebook too! fixed now. it is the latter, and we’re not streaming just our games, Glossy is picking up a tripod so we can keep the stream going all league long, but we also plan on passing his old iphone around too so people can stream their own hijinx. Who needs extra frames, we’ll start our own bowling stream with moosehead, and tatertots!

      1. Glossy just texted me wanting to borrow my tripod tonight. Sorry bro that is reserved for Sneaky Pete.

      1. Pretty sure you have to access live streams via the Periscope app. After the stream is over I think you can view the replays through a link via web browser.

      2. Well played Sauce. Thought about going there myself but had that joke go off the rails one time at a bar in Burlington…..

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