A lines from Sparkkes


Ball That (-1) vs. Spare of the Dog
Dumpster fire matchup of the week! Ball That finally had enough of me shitting on them this season and gave OC a good old shit stomping last week. Irish led the way with a mid 190s avg and everyone else kind of did what they usually do. The Dogs are still missing a chick, Bombpop shows up whenever he feels like it, and Mona misses Thursday like Railroad misses Jr Whoppers. Going to call the mini upset here even though doing this will probably fuck Ball That over and they’ll get crushed #coverallbases.

Turkey Club (-9) vs. Off Constantly
OC is doing their best to get relegated to B next year, riding a killer 1-5 record and getting their dicks kicked in by Ball That. Gutterboy is scoring more off the lanes than on them right now and Nuber is a solid boom or bust guy this season. I hear Busta is available. T-Club is ho humming along just crushing teams not named Saucy Posse. Bucky failed to hit 200 last week so look for him to come out straight fire this week and Roadhouse has also been on a roll. That Ben guy on their team says he’s figured his shit out but I saw him Tommy Jonesing everything yesterday so I doubt that.

BEER (-1) vs. SOD
Both teams are coming off losses in which they really had no chance. SOD has been surprisingly mediocre this season so far with a 3-4 record and a middle of the road team avg. BEER has been rolling decent lately and also find themselves in the middle of the Tuesday A pack. Tom E Gunz is a certified Ace when he can get games in and Hungus has shown signs of life the past few week. BEER is in the middle of their 8 month stretch of early games and look to be a completely different team early.


Yahtzee! (-7) vs. Binga’s
Binga’s is coming off their best week this season, almost hitting 2,000 without Cookie. Jerk seems to have figured it out finally and Tso gets to bowl against the 2 people he hates the most in BoPo (Lala, Deputy). I don’t think that extra motivation really makes too much of a difference against Yahtzee. Six bowlers that have pretty much taken turns putting up big scores every week. Lala has been murdering pins the last month and Deputy will be fucking with everyone’s lines with his Urethane ball

Saucy Posse (-3) vs. Oddballs
Oddballs are that sneaky team that can avg 700 for the night or 570. Teams like that are tough to predict, especially late. Brooklyn and Twisted Tea have been the anchors and they’re just waiting for HBK to find some sort of line at Bayside. Saucy is coming off a tough loss to Yahtzee last week, but that won’t phase them at all. Nut Sauce is a bad bitch and I think Walter might be making his debut tonight? He was spotted rolling Friday. Either way it won’t matter, Saucy wins in 2.

Sharks & Strikes (-3) vs. Hazzard
The Hazzard guns should both be there tonight….. Or not…. I don’t know. There’s no Yankee league tomorrow and I know they aren’t allowed out of the house too often so this seems like the week they both show up. Sharks murdered SOD last week even with Dick bowling like a bag of himself. I think they have Speedy again this week, since White Russian is still dead. Won’t matter too much.. Sharks are too deep for Hazzard. Over in 2, blacked out in 1.5.

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