Maj Danks’ Lines of Stank

Three Livers v My Balls (-6) – Congrats to the Livers! They picked up their first win last week, and bowled very well to do it (They also brought Peanut M+Ms, which was awesome.) The Livers gift for winning? Well, taking on one of the best teams in League B, My Balls. The Balls are coming off a very good win of their own, and look to keep pace with the other two-loss teams. Even with the good bowling as of late for the Livers, it will be difficult for them to keep pace with the very talented Balls.

BILF v Splits Happen (-4) – The BILF are a colossal mess. Too many slow stars are burying them, including last week. They will look to bounce back against one of their rivals, Xander and the Splits. The Splits have basically had two weeks off, due to a bye and a forfeit win. Will this slow them down tonight? Possibly. But, luckily for them they are taking on a fractured squad. Can the BILF get it to Game 3? I’m not sold.
Incredibowls (-5) v Strikes on Tap – The Incredibowls have bounced back nicely for a loss a few weeks back. They will look for their third straight this week against the Strikes. When the full squad is in the house it is incredibly difficult take down the Incredibowls, so the Strikes will need an interstellar performance tonight. The Cleaner and The Colucci Kid could put some pressure on them if they roll around average. But just too much depth from the future A squad will be the difference.
Budweisers (-4) v Pinups – Following a heartbreaking loss last week, the Buds will need a solid performance tonight to stay in the playoff hunt. The domestic beer behemoths have the ability and skills to be an A level team, but (like all of us) have struggled with consistency at times this season. Any little slip could be a nice opening for the Pinups to strike tonight. The Pinups have been a very difficult out this year, and will keep this one competitive tonight. However, the Buds should have enough to win going away.
Bowl Trolls (-1) v Whoomp – One of the better matchups of the week for Tuesday B. Two teams that are close in the standings and close in pin average. Whoomp will need Loser Donuts to bring a solid game to try and pace with the deeper Bowl Trolls. Meanwhile, the Trolls are still hoping Honey Bear can get it rolling this year, which could really bring them to the next level. This one should stay close, but the Trolls’ depth should give them a tight win.
Game of the Week: Wrecking Balls (-1) v Hookers – Don’t look now, but the Wrecking Balls are on a run. Just one game back in the loss column, the Balls are the sleeper pick to lock down one of those coveted two top spots. Meanwhile, the Hookers ran into the Increbowls buzzsaw last week, but have no time to dwell, because tonight will be a battle. The two teams are separated by one pin in average. Don’t be shocked if we hear the bell tonight in this one. It certainly is going three. And the experience from the Wrecking Crew will be the difference tonight.

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