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Turkey Club -7 vs. Cape Fear
School vacation week struck TClub last week as they posted their lowest series of the season. Bucky will be out for blood this week after tossing some shit games last week and Doc Moose says Minor has been crushing practice lately but who gives a shit about practice. Cape Fear is starting to heat up in Feb. Southpaw has been red hot the last few weeks and even Soccer Dad looks like he finally found a nut. Won’t be enough though, Club is a powerhouse. Wouldn’t be shocked to see Ripcord avg 250 this week.

Oddballs -1 vs. SOD
Looks like a good match on paper. Both teams have similar team avgs. Oddballs are a little stronger at the top with Twisted T and Brooklyn looking to rebound from last week. SOD had the highest series last week and they’re pretty much a lock for bottom point every game. I’ll take Oddballs in a close one. Twisted T and HBK are considerably better early this season.

OC -1 vs. BEER
OC is definitely this season’s Most Disappointing Team. 1-6 is just terrible for a team that was supposed to have improved. BEER will just wig it out like always with their massive roster and DD’s. Hard to know who’s going to show up or how many games they will play so I’ll pick the mini upset this week. I think OC really wants this one and Gutterboy is bound to stop sucking.


Saucy Posse -15 vs. Ball That
So I picked Ball That last week and they got the shit kicked out of them… Not that it would change my pick this week against a Saucy team that guns for the win every week. The Posse hasn’t shown mercy on any team this season, with their top 2 bowlers appearing in 43/48 games so far. Ball That, as a team, has less 200 games this season than Nut Sauce had week 1. Going to be a long night for them.

Yahtzee -7 vs. Hazzard
Binga’s beat Yahtzee so bad last week that Cheddar and Lala are both on the 7 day DL for a broken ego. I think Hazzard has Gen Lee tonight and who knows who else will show up. I’ll assume we get them both, which will keep the line lower. Anything can happen on the late squad, but I can’t see Yahtzee losing 2 in a row.

Sharks -15 vs Spare of the Dog
Do you think Spare of the Dog will bring the ToTY trophy tonight as one last gloat to Sharks before they (most likely) have to give it to them? This match could be a legit party off if the Dogs really bring their party game from last year. On the lanes will be a different story. This one will be over in 2 and I feel like DDJ guaranteed a sweep earlier in the year.

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