As Fonzie Might Say, ‘A’


Cape Fear (3-5) -1 vs. Binga’s (4-4)
Cape Fear has been rolling decent lately. Soccer Dad has stopped taking a shit on the lanes and Southpaw is a legit ace this year. Binga’s is the sweetheart of the league after defeating the evil Yahtzee empire sans Tso. Binga’s hasn’t rolled early in like 2 months and is due for a letdown game off the bye week.

SOD (5-4) -7 vs. Spare of the Dog (2-6)
The Dogs were so pumped to get a point last week and cover the spread that they forgot they had a chance to win game 3 and got smoked. This is their last chance to have a 2nd girl bowl if they wanna lose to a B team instead of forfeit in the Sunday Shootout. SOD has been rolling great the last 2 weeks with Dentist finally having a breakout game last week. Look for them to cruise in 2.

Sharks & Strikes (6-3) -3 vs. BEER (4-4)
This is kind of a test match for BEER to see how they roll against a solid team. Wouldn’t shock me to see them go for it playoff style this week. Sharks will be out in force doing what they usually do. I think they’ll be extra fired up after BEER stuck them in B week one last year to avoid a beating. Railroad has been on fire at bowling and not remembering it and Shark in training, Weiner is the ringer they hoped she would be after Russian faked a hip injury. Sharks cruise.


Oddballs (3-5) -11 vs. Ball That (2-6)
Ball That is completely overmatched on Tuesdays. They’ll likely book their trip to the shootout this week. Pitcher of Moose if Twinkle Toes rolls with the unicorn outfit on in the shootout and the win. Oddballs are the Jekyll and Hyde of the league, dropping 2000+ series’ or 1700. That Hyde version of this team can definitely upset any of the top dogs in the league. It doesn’t really matter which team shows up this week, though.

Hazzard (1-7) -1 vs. OC
Dumpster fire match of the week! Did anyone have these 2 teams tied for dead last at this point in the season? Hungus was so quick to dump Jerk for GBoi for the Roth/Holman satellite after Gboi led the draft league in avg…. Now he’d trade the guy for a PBR. The Gen Lee/LB combo has been just brutal so far. These guys can be dangerous in playoffs but also only have 4 weeks left to get girl #2 to 10 games. This one could end up as the only bowloff ever to have no spectators as Hazzard is always the last team to finish.
Turkey Club (8-1) -1 vs. Yahtzee! (8-1)
Game of the week! Finals rematch! Bucky’s revenge! Call it what you want. Club is coming into this match with House and #Buck300 both in the top 5 in avg and bottom 5 in beers consumed. They’ve crushed everyone but Saucy, who Yahtzee beat shorthanded. Yahtzee has been rolling like a bag of dicks recently. Cheddar is dead, Tango is a 107 guy, Deps has a bum knee and Rotini is vertically challenged. This will be a friendly match where everyone rolls 2 and they all pretend to like each other but I think T Club really wants this one and Ben finally earns his bowler name back… or bowls like a sack of shit

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