Lines for Postponed Games

Not sure who is actually bowling tonight, but we shall see! But all of these games will be played eventually!

BILF v My Balls (-4) – Following another late game loss, BILF is just one loss away from another trip to the Sunday shootout. It will likely happen tonight when they face the hottest team in Tuesday B, My Balls. Major Danks did have Master SPlinter change his entire throw during the bye week, so things could be interesting…and by that I mean I will either throw sub 100’s or 180s. Talent prevails in this matchup, and My Balls stay on pace to win the league.
Three Livers v Incredibowls (-5) – It looks like it will be a Sunday Shootout year for the Incredibowls. A disappointing season? Maybe. But, this team has a hell of a lot of fun, so I’m going to say they are just fine. They take on America’s favorite Livers in what should be an entertaining affair. The Incredibowls should cruise in this one, but not without shots and beers flying around.
NED v Hookers (-3) – Burt the Bandit can take his guarantees and shove them up his ass. Following five straight weeks of being wrong about NED, this prognosticator is taking them to lose. That’s right, NED will lose. The Hookers have the top end, and the depth to take down the NED. It should go three, unless NED doesn’t show up…AGAIN!
Splits Happen (-3) v Pinups – Splits Happen still has a shot at the championships. They will need a little help in front of them, and will need to win out. It should start this week against The Pinups. Splits are one of the better teams under pressure, and should not be affected by their situation. Look for Xander and company keep their championship dreams alive this week.
Whoomp v Strikes (-4) – Strikes have been tapping out the competition out as of late (See what I did there?), and looking to guarantee at least a .500 season. They take on Whoomp squad trying to better their Sunday Shootout seeding. The Cleaner has been one of the best bowlers in Tuesday B this year, and should be the major difference in this matchup. Whoomp may get this to a third game, but too much front-line ability from Strikes will be the difference.
Game of the Week, Wrecking Balls v Budweisers (-3) – The Wrecking Balls pretty much need to win out for a championship spot. And what a better way to start than to take out a team in front of them. It will not be an easy task though, as the Budwesiers have been one of the class teams all season. The Buds have put up some huge scores this season, including just last week against the Incredibowls. While consistency has haunted them a touch, it seems like things are truly falling into place this season. The Balls should still make this a game, but in the end just too much fire power from the Beer Guys and Gals.

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