DBAD and The Smoking Lounge

Hello my pretties.  This season is off to an awesome start, energy is incredible and scores through the roof (coincidence?).  Just wanted to make a quick PSA on the trash talking stuff.  First, if you are offended by the lines/writeups, you shouldn’t be.  Second, in terms of face to face trash talk, have fun but use a little judgment.  Anyway, moving on…

BIG NEWS! BoPo Smoking Lounge (tm Ramrod) will be back for this week.  We’ll have the ropes up on Alder St for the old smoking pit so as to avoid the new customers wandering through giant weed clouds at the front door.  Enjoy *hack cough*

4 thoughts on “DBAD and The Smoking Lounge

  1. Also don’t forget the bag policy. Please keep your bags off the racks. I would like the wait staff to get me my drink with a less chance of spilling it.

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