Playoff Questions

Well, 7 weeks down and 4 weeks to go, about the time I usually start getting asked playoff questions.  Right on cue last night I got asked several, so here are the basics (laid out on the This Is Not /Nam page on the website).

Top 2 teams in each division are in the quarterfinals, late game on Nov 16

Teams 3 & 4 in each division qualify for playoffs, early games on Nov 16

Teams 5-8 in each division qualify for qualifier round: best of 5 baker match on Tuesday, Nov 14th 8pm, winning teams all advance to early games on Nov 16

Tiebreaker is head to head ONLY in case of a 2-way tie.  Multi-team ties are decided based on points.  If records and points are tied, third tiebreaker is average.


3 thoughts on “Playoff Questions

  1. Wow Baker best of 5, things are going to get interesting. This was written with the panache of a man that expects to be a tourist for all of the above?

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