Well the All-Star game is in the books and team All Day Glossy beat Team Nut Splinturd 25-21.  What a surprise.  Now let’s get to shit that counts like a Thursday day night late slate of games.

BUI (4-1) -10 versus Lion’s Den (3-3):  The Lion’s Den is in trouble tonight.  No Ricky Passion who is on kid duty and a hot BUI with a 50-point pin advantage.  Good night Den, goodnight.

YB2 (6-0) -15 versus Bowled and the Beautiful (1-5):  Well B&B got the monkey off their back only to return to familiar beat down style tonight versus the pride of Thursday night.  This one won’t be close.

TDYOB (3-3) -5 versus Spare of the Dog (0-4):  The Dogs like to hold on to the fact that TDYOB has never beaten them.  Well stats paint a different picture on this pattern.  Dogs put a couple good ones up last week, but with no Spooky tonight ace Munson gets three and that spells long night for the Dogs.

Guacabowle (2-4) -3 versus GOB (3-3):  Thunder got in Jon Moon’s head last week sending them to a loss.  Badger as a key pickup has been nothing short of terrible on this pattern after a strong draft debut.  Nevertheless, Sparetime and Cumstein prove to be the difference while Dick Whitman rolls gutter all night.

Shit that is a fake late game.  Whatever.

Battle of the Defeated:

Granola (0-5) -1 versus Bad News Spares (0-4):  This match features zero wins and about 20 bowlers tonight.  The good news is somebody absolutely must win, we don’t do ties in BoPo.  I like granola in a tight one.

Bowlderdash (3-2) -10 versus Puds (0-4):  Puds team average is pretty amazing, Bdash wins big.  Here is Dinkmastercard bowling:

Roll Another (2-3) -1 versus Party Mix (5-1):  Bones on the DL tonight.  Party M has returned Luka Love to the league.  Hakeem and Bowl Murray were the only people in the stands at the all-star game.  RA has a slight pin advantage lean and mean I think they take out the erratic squad of PM.  Here is Big Party after the match:

No time for lines this week will try to do better next time now let’s:

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