Friday Night Lines


Statler pulled Fake Thursday lines!

NED (-3) v. Budweisers – A powerhouse Tuesday B matchup between the number 1 and number 3 teams in the division.    Many of you Thursday teams may not know the folks of NED…they are best described thusly:

NErDs holds an advantage in team average, but that’s primarily from the crazy hot rolling of Burt the Bandit.  Not sure he has gone below 200 in a month, something maybe nobody else in BoPo can say.  NED is still in great shape for playoff spot even if they lose, but Budweisers margin of error is all but gone if they lose….time for some desperate rolling.  And that usually means things start well, but end horribly.  Like this:

Sir Marks a Lot (aka Budweiser Joe) is still a sentimental favorite of this prognosticator, having made his BoPo debut with TDYOB many moons ago.  He even sported a chef’s hat for game 1, an homage to Bork, and we all drank “Heartland Coronas”, which were buds with a lime…not great.

Last week Tuesday B put up 13 200’s!  The quality in the league continues to rise as the maturity of the jokes in the lines continues to decline.  It’s proven…sort of.  Expect 3 200’s in this match alone, and NED to move to 9-0.

BEER (-1) v. XXX Club – I am predicting an upset here, this one because the match is happening on Friday.  BEER is the type of team that will shine on a special night, and Hungus will be sure to roll some big scores under the watchful eyes of up to 20 BoPo folks (looking at you, Glossy Mexican, Tango, Dick Du Jour and White Russian!).

The Club are awesome, but tonight just won’t be their night.  Having a match on a Friday instead of a Tuesday leads to a few more beers consumed (trust me on this one), and that will make an impact on the Club.  Herb’n Legend will handle his business with Buck Ripcord, Hungus will do his thang against E Minor, Brandy will cover her points, and the out-of-nowhere 200 from Filthy McNasty will seal the point needed for a win and convince Hungus to send Tom Richards to the Bahamas for the rest of the season.

Folks are wondering if XXX Club are still a title contender in a stacked BoPo.  They don’t have all the ingredients, but they do have some of them.  Kind of like these guys…they don’t exactly look like the Beatles, but would you say they are the real deal?

Fear not, XXX Club will be in the mix late in the playoffs, and maybe Koops’ podcast prediction will come true!

Waldorf gets the THUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUURRRSDAAAAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY Lines!  Oh, what a wonderful feeling, we are dancing on the ceiling, or in the mezzanine, or wherever the fuck you want.  So, grab your quarters, grab your dimes, it’s laundry time!

Bowled and Beautiful (1-6)  -1 versus Tattoos and Titties (0-6):  A couple future Thursday B teams with 580 averages lock horns tonight.  Words of advice guys, buy new balls, take lessons, something, this is an easy pattern you are doing something wrong.  Also, maybe through in some practice.  Ruby joined B&B and now cannot get out quick enough.  She definitely wasn’t signing up to be the ace for Saw, Durro, and Mr. Mayor.  Beaujolais has looked good trying to break that back up ball, but that takes some time.  As Waldorf types I cannot believe I am favoring B&B, but they are playing T&T who are about as fucking lost as you can get when it comes to bowling.  Here is Rubbys and Train Conductor after another loss:

Rubbys rocking a 138.6 shows why he got benched the entire season in draft.  Guy must think he is still on his honeymoon.  They added the female bench to the fold and she too is showing why you get benched you roll 117 on the regular it doesn’t give your team a chance to win.  Fortunately, outside of all the terrible bowling going on both sides of the lane in this match you have two of the more fun loving enjoyable teams in the league.  Honestly, I would not want to be Saw’s or Rubby’s hangover come tomorrow.  Train Conductor says he feels they would have a shot tonight but it being a Friday he would be surprised if anyone on their team will be able to walk bu game time and I am chalk full of that man!

Rubby’s lives by this quote, “He who makes a beast of himself gets rid of the pain of being a man.”

TDYOB (4-3) -1 versus Leisure Rolls (3-5):  Two very evenly matched teams match up on this Friday night party showdown throwdown!  Little known fact TDYOB has never beaten the trolls.  Well they had never beaten the Dogs either and we all know how that played out.  #15-0!  Side Salad is in Massachusetts for a pilot interview tonight which will go something like this:

Hang in there Salada:

So, no Salad means Munson and Farmer who are both hot as hell get three games each.  Mo$ is by far the highest lady average in the match and I think that favors the boys and girls of Bork.  That said D$ and Insanal have potential to go big and they are rocking high 200s Bork may not be able to keep up.  That said it’s Friday night so who gives a fuck here is Farmer, Thunder and Munson pretty much the entire night:

Friday night let’s get loose get in the caboose and get loose again!!!

Here is Thunder when they try to close Bayside tonight:

Here is D$ and Insanal after the loss:

Now let’s get after it!

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