BoPo Bracket Tourney

Got excited by Clemson making the Sweet 16 so I’m throwing together a BoPo Bracket tourney. Top 32 averages in BoPo get the invite for a bracket tourney on Monday 3/26 at 5:30-10pm. Seeding will be random draw, each round a best of two match, ties broken by single ball bowloffs. $20 entry, top 4 get paid (50/50/100/200). Will be played on Westside lanes. Eligible list below, please let me know if you’re in. Brooklyn Buck Ripcord Burt the Bandit Capt Spare-O Cheddar Couch Crackerjack D$ Double Cheese Duke Thunderwood G-Force General Tso Glossy Mexican Gutterboi HBK Herb’n Legend Iceburg Jamacian Jerk Karl Hungus – IN LB Davenport Master Splinter Mitch Cumstein Precious Railroad Rev Lord Roy Munson Southpaw Speedy Weiner Spidey Ten Pen Haz Bin Tommy Gunzzz Twisted T Alternates (in order) Sparetime Doc Moose Jr Hoss Roadhouse Dentist Capt Insanal Deputy Viking Nut Sauce Dick Du Jour Tango

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