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Well, the two week nightmare of no Tuesday games is over!  Lots of things will be figured out tonight.  Two teams, Skol and Guacabowle, are actually playing their last game of the season (and will have a 21 day wait til their opening round playoff match – ouch!)  Bingas faces a brutal doubleheader against both of last year’s finalists.  Five teams still have a shot at the Tuesday A title to start the evening, while the last place spot is also a 4 way race.  In B, NED and the Trolls look safe (and play each other as part of a doubleheader for both teams), but then 6 teams still have a shot at those other two playoff spots.  Going to be fun scoreboard watching tonight.


Most importantly, these are the last two weeks of the regular season.  A few final games to enjoy the vibe, bowl with your friends and party while Spring gets here.  Oh and one last thing, for the love of God can we please get a bowloff?


Skol (5-6) -1 vs Guacabowle (4-7): Well, if things go as they have all season, Guacabowle will roll an 850 game 1, as everyone seems to have their top weeks vs Skol.  Then Guacabowle will lose their 5-0 lead, as they have done many times all year.  Both of these teams can cause some playoff trouble.  One thing to play for for Skol…a win and their opening playoff game is likely April 10, a loss and it’s April 12 (23 day wait!)  Guac’s Cumstein looks like a shoo-in to wrap up top average for a Bayside employee.  Nice work…you’re fired!

Hazzard (2-7) -1 vs Cape Fear (3-6): Last place on Tuesday A means two extra playoff games just to make the bracket.  Looked at another way, it’s two extra games against beatable opponents to build confidence and get practice.  Cape can guarantee a ‘not last’ finish with a win in this one.  Hazzard can keep the last-place race interesting with a win.  They have two of the top 20 average bowlers in the league – that has to count for something.  I’ll give them the narrow win in this one.

Ball That (4-6) -1 vs Bowl Trolls (8-1): Still no baby Guttersquampch.  Ball That has had a rude welcome to Tuesday B, but could make a little noise knocking off the Trolls before the playoffs.  The Trolls have had two weeks to think about their first loss, and they will also be thinking about the second half of their double header tonight vs NED, so I think they stumble in this one.

NED (9-0) -1 vs Hookers (7-3): This should be a good one.  The Hookers have been a bit of a surprise, and a win here all but clinches a playoff spot.  Of course, no one yet has figured out how to beat NED.  They are a B team with two guys in the top 30 in the whole league, including Burt the Bandit the league’s breakout bowler.  NED may also be looking ahead a bit to their late game vs Trolls, but they seem to find ways to win, and Burt is just a damn beast right now.

Budweisers (6-3) -7 vs Burners (2-8): This is the first early match that looks like a mismatch, though theoretically the Burners should be comfortable against a team called The Buds.  The Buds need some wins to clinch a playoff spot.  The Burners are making a great first impression as an expansion franchise, but would love one big win on their resume before the season’s out.  Here’s their chance.

Strikes on Tap (6-4) -13 vs Whoomp (0-10): Well, this one shouldn’t be close. Tap has the highest average in B.  They should rack up points here, and then if they can get their makeup game with Livers finish 8-4 with a pile of points.  Whoomp, well, whelp.  At least they’ve got Livers next week in an epic showdown to get a win this season.


Saucy Posse (7-2) -11 vs Bingas (3-6): After T-CLub beat up on Oddballs this Saturday, the A title is up for grabs again. SauPo would love to grab it, and they’ll start their night with a win and a bundle of points.  Splinter is coming off a huge, talking to himself the whole time win in the PBA qualifier, and he should continue to crush.  This team is loaded and getting playoff ready.  Binga’s?  Well, it’s been a tough couple of months.  They’ve lost 5 straight and are staring at double header massacre.  Don’t worry though, they’re probably just ‘crisis bowlers’.

Incredibowls (5-4) -3 vs Wrecking Balls (5-4): Not many people will be over watching it, but this is a playoff game.  The loser is eliminated from B playoff contention.  The winner still needs a ton of help but stays alive another week.  The Incredibowls were expected to contend for a B title.  The Wrecking Balls are a bit of a surprise.  I’ll go with GoT to rally the troops and keep hope alive.


Yahtzee (5-4) -3 vs Oddballs (8-2): Not your typical Party Pit game, but a lot on the line.  Oddballs are reeling losing 2 straight after their 8-0 start.  They still control their own destiny – win out and the Tuesday A title is theirs.  Yahztee is starting to get their shit together, though, and bowling hot.  Tango’s return is a bit of an under the radar story that could set them up for a deep playoff run.  I think they handle the pit better than Oddballs and get the big win, then they go their separate ways and dream of 2019.

XXX Club (7-3) -11 vs Bingas (3-6): This has typically been a fun rivalry and Binga’s brings their A game, and leaves with Jim Tom.  Just having a hard time seeing them making much of a dent against a Club team getting ready to make their run for 2nd place.  Ripcord also won one of the PBA qualifiers so BoPo will have some serious rooting interest in the PBA Shootout this April.  He’s obviously hoping he draw Hungus in round 1.  Join the club, pal.  Club keeps their A title hopes alive in this one against an exhausted Bingas.

Sharks (7-3) -3 vs Body English (4-6): Sharks are becoming a trendy pick to get a banner, and why not.  They have a Hall of Fame anchor, the smiling Estonian assassin, a lady Wiener that rolls nothing but 200s, then a ton of players who would be top 4 for every other team.  They good.   Body English has beaten no one with a winning record.  It could happen tonight – Filthy has been on fire – but seems pretty unlikely. Sharks keep winning.

SOD (7-3) -1 vs Saucy Posse (7-2):  What about SOD as a title contender?  Couch, Dentist and Jr Hoss as a top 3 is pretty sick, and Deisel and Booth are playoff bowlers.  Kind of comes down to McStriker and Kabowlski.  They’ll catch SauPo in the second half of a double header.  For a lot of team that’d be a long night of bowling but for Splinter and Nut Sauce 6 games is just a warm up.  The Saucier Bros, however, those guys are gonna be wasted after 7 hours of Bayside.  That’s the difference in this one.

My Balls (6-4) -11 vs BILF (3-6): BILF took advantage of their schedule and got some wins.  Those are good times, Danks and crew can sit back this Summer and reminisce about the two game winning streak with a pina colada on the roof.  My Balls has to win out, and need points.  They look good with 93 now but need more – playoffs could easily come down to that tiebreaker.

Wrcking Balls (5-4) -1 vs Splits Happen (4-5): The Wreck will still be technically alive for B playoffs if they win early tonight.  Iceberg has been a revelation.  They’ll have to win out and get a lot of help, though.  Splits will offer no help – they’d love to end the Wreck’s playoff dreams.  Xander will put up some big numbers in this one.


Bowl Trolls (8-1) -1 vs NED (9-0): It’s a bummer this will be on the other side as it should be an awesome game.  I’ve already picked NED to win early and Trolls to lose early.  But then things get weird – it’s a long night.  The Trolls have had NED on their mind a long time and tend to play up to competition.  NED will be drunk and 10-0.  It just feels like it’s time for the run to end.  Trolls in the upset, leaving only UREA and YB2 undefeated.

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