Thursday Quickies

Waldorf is mailing it in.  Stadler is in Mexico.  I don’t have a game tonight and spaced on the lines.


LOS (9-1) -5 versus BUI (8-2):  BUI didn’t have YB2 hasn’t played anyone all year and are coming off getting smoked 9.5-5.5 by TDYOB as BUI struggled to break 600 all night.  They are starting to show their true colors and will be murdered tonight even if Precious is skiing in Aspen.

YB2 (9-0) -15 versus Five Finger Zero Wins (0-10):  Nice dichotomy here a team with no losses and a team with no wins.  Zero changes tonight future B team 5 Finger stays with zero wins and YB2 stays with zero loses.  Dutch has announced his free agency.  Here is Rufio and Dutch after the match.

ICBING (4-6) versus Bad News Spares (1-8):  ICBING wins then Rocky, Fabio and 2 Dogs Fucking go on a bender.

UREA! (9-0) -1 versus Pinny Candy (7-2):  Thursday “A” teams with 1 wins and less take note.  URAE! Lost Automatic and T$ they could have been proud and been you.  Getting the shit kicked of them every win, zero chance for a win and pretending to have fun as the season winds down.  Or swallow that pride jump in B and have a renaissance and a chance to hang another banner that no one cares about.  Pinny Candy is have a hell of a season but I think they fall short in this one.  Her is C Murda introducing himself to Pinny Candy.

Lesbowlians (5-5) -15 versus Bowlhemian Strike City (Turkey Club) (1-8):  The former team of the year has had an up and down season but tonight they get back over .500.  Magnus and crew keep making a run at 2018 Team of the Year.  #OnlyOneCanWearTheCrown

Roll Another (5-5) -1 versus Pin Ups (6-5):  This will be a close one that goes down to the wire.  Roll Another stands a chance if they don’t roll Bones.


Puds Taxi (1-8) -1 versus Happy Hands Production (5-4):  Puds actually has a team average advantage.  Now go out and take the bull by the horns Puds!

Lions Den (4-6) -15 versus Spare of the Cats (1-8):  Lions kill dogs every time.

UREA! (9-0) -15 versus Bad News Spares (1-8):  UREA! looks to wrap up their season undefeated and get that 1 seed for B playoffs.  I say they do.  C Murda will be an absolute mess at 11 p.m. and also head to Howie’s.

DHD (7-3) -3 versus GOB (7-3):  Playoff implications in this one.  DHD wins, Holden Green goes to Howie’s.

Touch My Exite (5-5) -3 versus Tattoos and Titties (1-8):  LaGa, Squatch 8 Bit and crew fight their way back to .500 in a grudge match against former Draft teammates Rubbys who has been running hot lately and CrowBar who can barely keep it on the lane.

Party Mix (7-2) -5 versus Granola Bowlahs (2-8):  Big Party and crew ready to get back in that win column again against the crusty old group of Granola.

That’s best Waldorf has got this week!  No time to edit so FU.

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